New season with the Beast

After some delays the Beast and the other bikes are now back on Swedish soil from the Valdosta race in November. Everything looked just fine in the container and the work in the shop is ongoing to prepare for the coming season.

Per and Christina together with the team has decided to defend the EDRS Nordic Pro Motorcycle Championship title and bring the Beast over to Valdosta again in November. This time with the winners trophy in our hands!

-After some consideration we feel that the performance we saw in Valdosta together with the support from our long time sponsors inspire us to make another season on top level, says team owner Per Bengtsson. The Finals at Valdosta was really a world class event in its real perspective and it´s nice to see that Tommy now feels comfortable on the bike

Per continues. It´s also a good feeling to see how much the fans appreciate the Beast both in the US and here in Scandinavia. We have had many positive comments for our effort to bring Tommy Grimes over to Europe. And speaking of Tommy we can say the he is very eager to make another season on the Beast, Per ends.

We will come back with more details about the coming season and the tuning of the Beast.

Anders Fagerlund, owner of the carshop Bilservice i Åseda AB is one of our long time supporters who will back us up during the coming season as well! Here L-O hands over a great framed actionphoto from the 2017 season and says a big thank you from the whole team.
The photo was shot by photographer Stefan Boman.

Tommy Grimes with team owners Christina and Per looks forward to another great season together during 2018.


EDRS Trophy Banquet

Last weekend was spent at the Sunlight Conference Hotel in Nyköping where Per, Christina, Annelie and L-O attended the EDRS Banquet together with over 400 award winners, supporters and friends from the dragracing community.

The highlight of the evening was of course to collect Tommy Grimes EDRS Pro Motorcycle Championship Series trophy. Per will enjoy it for a couple of weeks before sending the trophy over to Tommy and his family in North Carolina, USA. As Per said on stage the deal was set up for Tommy to collect the trophys and for Per to keep the price money this season.

Per thanked his wife Christina, the team, the sponsors and supporters both in Europe as well as in USA for making this season results possible. And he gave Tommy the best of words as a true professional racer with great focus and attitude.

The Beast Team got a lot of cheering from many of the fellow racers who had followed our progress during the Man Cup World Finals at Valdosta. Very much appreciated by the whole team!

Per and Christina enjoys the sweet taste of victory!

The Beast Dragbike team was represented by Annelie, L-O, Christina and Per.
Photo by Remco Scheelings

Nitroz program Motorsoffan was on site and did an interview with Per about the US trip and a short recap of the 2017 season. It will be send at where you can see the Motorsoffan program in a couple of weeks.

Many of our friends from the racing scene was at the EDRS Banquet. Here Kent Eriksson from the Pro Stock team of Malmgren Racing enjoys himself in good company.


Pictures from the weekend

Late minute adjustement before the night session.

Top Fuel Bike rider Rikard Gustafsson together with Tommy.

The DHL container arrived at the track on Wednesday afternoon.

Our local fans supported us big time during the Man Cup World Finals.


Sundays Eliminations

After some record breaking qualifying rounds the Pingel Top Fuel Twin class has boosted a huge interest by the fans and fellow racers. The track prep and air at the South Georgia Motorsports Park is just world class. Very good work by the track crew and the Man Cup organization.

In the first round against Mike Belana the Beast team had some luck since the drive chain broke early in the run but Tommy managed to get to the finish line first. Next round Tommy faced David Larson from Topeka, Kansas. Tommy left the startline first and never looked back. A 6.53 win light against a loosing 10.26 was the result.

In the semifinal Grimes faced no 2 qualifier Tii Tharpe. Tommy left with his best reaction time so far 0.051. Tharpe on a very quick run but Tommy caught up and ahead when the engine unexpectedly died just before the finish line. Tharpe first over the stripe with a winning 6.16 against Tommys 6.25. Oooh it was so close to a winlight for the Beast Team. We have yet not analyzed what went wrong with the set up.

In the final round Tharpe was beaten by the NHRA Mello Yello Champion Jay Turner who won with a 6.19 against a loosing 6.31.

Very impressive number through all the event and everyone involved agreed that Nitro bike racing has gone up to a new level during the Man Hill Garage Man Cup World Finals.

The appreciation among fellow racers and fans for bringing the Beast to America was huge and a lot of people thanked us personally.

A big thank you to all our sponsors and partners for making this effort possible.


Saturday Qualifying

In the third qualifying session Tommy laid down a new personal best with The Beast when 6.22 seconds and 236.13 mph showed up on the scoreboards! That´s a new PB both in ET and speed. No 1 on the Q list is Takeshi Shigematsu with an incredible 6.02 run. No 2 is Tii Tharpe 6.22. Anders Hörnström is no 7 with 6.39. Well done!

Great team work by the Beast crew and Tommy is still the no 3 qualifayer. In Sundays eliminations we are up against Mike Belana in the first round.


Friday Qualifying!

The Beast and Tommy Grimes are no. 3 after Fridays qualifying with 6,31 and 225.71 mph.

Excellent track conditions and yesterday session must be the quickest in dragbike history. Two more Q rounds today.


Time to race again!

It´s time for the Big Go of the year when it comes to Dragbike racing and challenge the fastest in business. The 41 st Annual Mann Hill Garage World Finals at South Georgia Motorsports Park just outside Valdosta in Georgia, USA, is up and running the coming weekend. The 40 foot container is now in the pit area at SGMP and several of the involved raceteams are already in the US.

Per and Christina has been in the US since a week back for some sightseeing and preperations before the rest of the crew arrives in Orlando on Tuesday evening. During Wednesday we will build our European camp in the pits and prepare the Beast for some testruns. We plan to make three runs on Thursday and two more testruns on the first half of the Friday.

First qualifying round will take place 17.00 on Friday evening. Saturday will host another two qualifying rounds. With the performance from Tierp Arena in August we will give a shot on the top half of the ladder. At least 12 bikes are entered in the Pingel Top Fuel Twin class.

South Georgia Motorsports Park is well known for it`s extremely smooth track surface and very good air especially during the evenings. We definitely aim for a new personal best with an eager Tommy Grimes in the saddle. Everything is prepared for a hard fight of the trophy in Sundays eliminations.

“I can`t wait to show the real potential of The Beast in front of my home fans, friends and family says an excited Tommy Grimes”

You can follow the progress during the US tour on the team website where we will publish daily reports. We are also on Facebook under the tag The Beast Dragbike and also on Facebook you`ll find the Manufacturers Cup under the tag Man Cup.

There´s also a live broadcast of the race weekend which you can find at A big Thank You to all our sponsors and partners who all makes this US tour possible!


Next stop Manufacturers Cup World Finals, Valdosta

After weeks of preparations and a lot of work with all the logistics the Beast crew and the other four teams joining us on this US race tour met at the Flexoart facility this past weekend.

In cooperation with DHL Global Forwarding a 40 foot container was loaded with five bikes and all the equipment for the attending teams. Great teamwork by all involved and everyone is very much looking forward to the Manufacturers Cup World Finals at South Georgia Motorsports Park, just outside Valdosta, Georgia, the 16-19 of November.

- "It`s as close to a real World Championship you can get" says team owner Per Bengtsson.

- "To race against the fastest in the business and from all continents is a big challenge. And for Tommy riding The Beast on home soil is special." Per ends.

- "I can`t wait to show the real potential of The Beast in front of my home fans, friends and family" says an eager Tommy Grimes.

A big Thank You goes out to all our partners who makes this US-tour possible.

A special Thank You to Man Cup promoter Jay Reagan and to Wayne and Donna Pingel for supporting the Top Fuel Twin Class. And a very special Thank You to our rider Tommy Grimes for believing in us!

All the Swedish riders gathered at the Flexoart facility loading up for the Man Cup World Finals in Valdosta.

A 40 foot container from DHL Global Forwarding including three Super Twin Top Fuel Bikes, one Top Fuel Bike and one Super Street Bike.

Per closing the cube before the transportation arrives. Next stop will be the pit area at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Georgia, USA.


EDRS Pro Super Twin Bike Champions

The Dico Internationals at Tierp Arena turned out to be somewhat of a dream weekend for the Beast Dragbike team. After loosing traction on the first qualification run Tommy nailed down a 6.31 second run in Q2 and was number one on the list going in to Saturdays qualifications.

In Q3 the scoreboard showed a 6.48 and in Q4 we lost the chain, but still number one. Second on the list was Samu Kemppainen with 6.53 and third was Marcus Christiansen from Denmark with 6.56.

In Sundays first round of eliminations we where up against no 8 Ulf Ledström. Tommy left the startline and never looked backed as he passed the finish line after 6.36 seconds against Ulfs 8.14.

Our main Championship opponent Roman Sixta was then waiting in the semifinal. The winner of this round was also winner of the EDRS Pro Championship, so everything was on the table. Tommy did an almost perfect launch and stormed down the track crossing the finish line after 6,29 seconds!

Another new PB and a new backed up Nordic record as well. The 2017 EDRS Nordic Pro Motorcycle Champion in Super Twin Bike is Tommy Grimes from North Carolina USA!

In the final we raced the Danish guy Marcus Christiansen who impressed over the weekend with a string of 6.5 second runs. Marcus left with a killer reaction time of 0.06 against Tommys 0.17 but the Beast took the lead all the way up to the 1/8 mile when the chain broke and Marcus took the event win with 6.597 against Tommys 6.599! This must be the closest Nitrobike final in years.

Congrats to Speedy`s Basement Performance Racing for an impressive effort with just mom, dad and their son as a rider.

We want to say a big thank you to all our sponsors and partners for helping us reaching our goals! Next up is a sponsor display in two weeks time. Right after that the logistics and loading of the US container for Valdosta will take place.

The Beast team had lots of visitors and guests during the weekend. Some celebrating their 30:th birthday with us and racing.

A very happy crew after the 6.29 showed up on the scoreboard. We sure have been waiting for this!

Per Andersens Restaurants served the team with guests a traditional Swedish three course dinner Saturday evening. Main course was moose from the southern part of Sweden.

The Beast braintrust with at least 80 years of tuning experience enjoyed one of their career highlights at Tierp Arena.

Tommy in nice style down to the finish line.

USA against Denmark in the staging lanes just before the finals of the Dico Internationals.

Winner and Runner Up on the Tierp Arena podium.

The 2017 EDRS Nordic Pro Super Twin Bike Champion is Tommy Grimes from North Carolina, USA!


Time for the final battle

With one more race to go in the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship it´s all or nothing for The Beast team. Tommy is six points after the leader Roman Sixta, but Greger Johansson and Samu Kemppainen is just a little behind in the pointsrace, so we will not take anything for granted. And there are lot of competitors who can put down good numbers on the scoreboard.

The bike and equipment looks like new after the Gardermoen race and now for the Tierp Arena track we will step up the tuning for some good numbers in qualifaying. The ambition is to take the number one position in qualifaying for that extra bonus points that we need before going in to Sundays eliminations.

If you visit Tierp Arena over the weekend please pay us a visit in the pits.

And those of you that for some reason are not able to experience the racing on site can follow the action on where you will find an excellent live coverage. We will publish a daily report from Tierp Arena over the weekend.

Tommy Grimes from USA and Roman Sixta from the Czech Republic are the main contenders for the EDRS Nordic Pro Motorcycle Championship title.

Some of the Beast crew welcomes you all to the Tierp Arena facility the coming weekend.


Sweet Victory in Norway

After a warmup at the shop on Wednesday evening the Beast team left for Norway and picked up Tommy Grimes at the airport on our way to the track. The Norwegian organizers has made a terrific job with the new track but we found it a bit hard to understand tuning wise. The goal for the weekend was to go rounds and end up in the final more than producing good numbers. After four rounds of qualifying Tommy held the no 1 spot with 6.60 seconds. Number two was Samu with 6.64 and no three Roman Sixta with 6.89.

In Sundays first elimination round we got a solo run as Ismo ran in to problems on the start line. Tommy went away as planned during the launch but lost traction after ca 100 meters. In the semifinal Tommy won against Greger Johansson with a 6.65 run against a losing 7.02.

The final was a battle between Roman Sixta from the Czech Republic and Tommy Grimes from USA. Tommy left slightly first with a 0.54 reaction against Romans 0.56 and Tommy was first over the finish line after 6.78 seconds against Romans loosing 8.41. What a sweet victory for the whole Beast Dragbike team!

It´s just four weeks since we had the bad weekend in Finland and with a lot of hard work and an excellent driver we are now just six points after the leader Roman Sixta. Greger Johansson are number three 23 points after the leader. So it will be an exciting race weekend at Tierp Arena in just three weeks’ time.

Dragracing history was made in Norway as this is Tommy Grimes first trophy in Europe! But we hope that there are more to come.

Mats who came in straight from a trip to Russia served us some Russian Caviar in the pits.

The Beast pit area at Gardermoen Raceway.

The final between Roman Sixta and Tommy Grimes.
(Photo by Remco Scheelings)

Winner and Runner Up celebrating.
(Photo by Remco Scheelings)

Roman and Tommys crew together in victory lane.
(Photo by Remco Scheelings)

A very happy crew and rider enjoying the sweet taste of victory.
(Photo by Remco Scheelings)


The Beast is coming back together again

Per and the team has been working extremely hard with the bike after the problems and damage we suffered at Alastaro. Finally the bike is coming back in one piece again. The chassie has been repaired and welded by Mats and his collegue David from Autonomteknik. The crank has been changed, the engine block repaired, the cylinder head repaired, the blower shaft changed, the magnetos serviced with new parts, new pushrods, new pistons and connecting rods and a lot of small parts have gone through a very detailed service and check-up.

We will make a warm up on Wednesday at the shop to check that everything is in order. The Silverarrow will leave for Gardermoen on Thursday morning and we will pick up Tommy Grimes at the Gardermoen Airport on our way to the track.

Sixteen Super Twin bikes has entered for the Drag Challenge at Gardermoen Raceway so the competition will be tough! For more info about the event please visit

A special Thank You to Electrimotion and Manton Pushrods for excellent service.


Dramatic weekend in Finland

The Nitro Nationals at Alastaro Circuit turned out to be a tough event for the Beast team with a lot of technical problems. Already in the first warm up the engine didn´t sound as normal so the ignition was checked and adjusted. First run on the track the bike left the startline as planned but then the burst panel blew after about 60 meters out.

After that the magnetos were checked because the timing had changed between the two mag 44 we're using. We then discovered a broken wedge in the drive which caused a 20 degrees difference between the two mags. We had to go through both mags to be sure everything was ok for the rest of the weekend.

Before Sunday first elimination round against Svein-Olav Rolfstad the engine sounded as normal. The organizer decided to run a 16-bike ladder because the Super Twin Bike class only got two rounds of qualifying. Perfect burnout and in to stage. Full throttle and after 0.9 seconds the engine made a huge bang and the cylinder head was separated from the block. Tommy was ok after the incident, he is wearing a kevlar plate in his leathers and it did its job.

The engine bang caused us a lot of damage but after checking everything during Sunday it seems like the damage is not as severe as we first thought. But we have a lot of work ahead of us! Everything will be taken apart on Thursday and we will work fulltime straight through Sunday to be able to make a decision regarding the Norway race which take place in three weeks time.

We must also be 100 % certain why this happened and what's the reason behind it.

Congrats to Teemu Kettula for his first win in Super Twin Bike.

It was a very emotional weekend as we got the news from Norway that our dear friend Anne Marit Dalen passed away Sunday morning. Our sincere condolences goes to Hans-Olav and the family.

A lot of work was done with the magnetos over the weekend.

The cylinder head was seperated from the block and caused a lot of damage. Frame and chassie did its job and kept the parts away from the rider.

Per and Annelie did their best to serve us all a delicious meny over the weekend.

Despite the long distance from Prague Roman Sixta and his team made the trip all the way to Alastaro. Beautiful bike and very nice people.


Nitro Nat´s Alastaro coming up

The work continues in the Bentec workshop as the Nitro Nat´s in Alastaro is coming closer. The bike was serviced on Sunday evening at Tierp with new bearings and a refreshed clutch.

Back home at the workshop we have dismantled the clutch lock up system and carefully examined the bleeders and the fluid in the system. We found dirt in the fluid and have cleaned the system and changed the type of fluid being used to Red Line Oils suspension fluid LikeWater, which has a very thin viscosity. Let´s hope our bleeder problems is solved.

The handlebar has also been moved one inch back on Tommys request so he will feel as comfortable as possible on the bike. The race bus will leave the workshop on Wednesday heading for Kapellskär north of Stockholm before we roll on the Finnlines ferry to Naantali.

See you at the track!

The handlebar goes through some adjustments to fit Tommy as good as possible on the bike.

Tommy made a very good appearance during the Tierp Internationals.


Elimination Sunday at Tierp Int.

Beautiful sunny sky without a cloud. In first round against Samu Kemppainen Tommy was first from the start line with a holeshot, 0,13 against 0,21, and the both drivers went up in smoke. Tommy was on the throttle again and recovered enough to take the round win.

In the pits we discovered a malfunction of one of the three bleeders we use to control the lock up clutch, which means that the clutch where engaged from the startline. That´s why the tyre went loose further out on the track.

In the semifinal against Greger Johansson we ran the lock up with two bleeders instead. Big holeshot for Tommy again but then the tyre started to haze at about 100 meters out. Tommy tried to save it but still blackstriping the track and the bike leaned over so he had to shut it off. Disappointing to not be in the final!

Back in the pits we realized that yet another bleeder was not doing it`s job. Same result with a fully engaged clutch far too early on the run. We have some work to do before Alastaro. But the performance of the bike and driving skills from Tommy is very promising for the coming race in Finland. Congrats to Anders Hörnström ho won the final and now in the six second zone.

Two legends waiting in the pairing lanes...

Our long time friend and sponsor Jöran Persåker paid us a visit in the pits.He was competing with his turbo hemi Chevy Pick Up.

Per Andersens Restauranger spoiled us as usual with excellent service and food during the weekend.

Håkan from Autoexperten Växjö and Anders from Bilservice i Åseda payed us a visit over the weekend.


Tierp Internationals qualifying

On the first qualifying pass Friday the crew tuned the bike for an easy calm launch with a moderate clutch set up so Tommy should have a good run up to the finish line. The numbers were 6.67-223 mph, very close to the current European speed record. In Q2 Tommy clicked it off early but still went over the finish line after 6.41 seconds despite very little clutch and ignition. For Saturday we put on a new rear slick which turned out to be a problem since the tyre where not ok. Another new one went on for Q4 and Tommy launched very good but started to haze the tyre at 100 metres. As number one qualifier we are up against the Nordic Pro Champion Samu Kemppainen in tomorrows eliminations.

A happy team on Friday evening after ET and speed very close to the European Record.

A true professional with 100 % focus on one thing. Win the race!


Straight to work

Tommy Grimes went over the bridge from Copenhagen Airport straight down to Malmoe Raceway where the crew and bike already was set up for warm up on Wednesday before the Tierp Internationals. After going through some routines Tommy had a look on the track and shut down area before the first launch on the Beast. First run both looked and felt good for the new driver. The crew turned around the bike for a second pass which Tommy was very satisfied with.

Bike and equipment will now be loaded in the bus and tomorrow we hit the road for Tierp Arena.


Ongoing preparations

Since the Malmö test session the Beast team has worked hard with the preparations of the bike and racebus. The Bike is almost 100% race ready and one of the latest equipment going on the bike is a chute from Stroud. This to get an additional braking force since the speed are improving over the finish line. Big thanks to Birgitta at AutoShop Racing Engines in Orlando for quick service.

We have also changed some oil pressure fittings and tubes for the turbo and serviced the air pressured braking system for additional safety along the highways.

A chute from Stroud is mounted on the wheeliebar for additional breaking force when the top speeds are increasing.

Let´s burn some nitro...

The race bus needs some attention as well. The brake system has got some adjustment and service by Mats.


Successful test weekend in Malmö

The Beast team had a successful weekend at Malmö Raceway during the Summit EDRS race.

We produced five runs over the weekend with a 60 ft time of 1,13 seconds and 2,89 seconds at 330 ft on the last run Sunday afternoon. And the bike left the startline smooth as a Cadillac with no shake and most important no tyre smoke...

The testruns was made with Per on the bike and everything went according to plan. The feeling was just there as usual! Some changes have been made over the winter to improve the consistency and performance of the bike. New compression ratio, a new designed 3-disc Bentec clutch with a different geometry. A lock up management system controlled by three hydraulic bleeders which engage the clutch in different stages during the run.

We are very satisfied with the clutch as the bike tends to go a lot smoother out from the startline which make it easier to handle. After a five rounds dial-in the Beast is now ready for it´s American rider Tommy Grimes.

A lot of work was done between the five rounds on the track. Good training for the crew before the first EDRS Pro Nordic round at Tierp Arena in June.


Time for testing

The Beast team decided to skip the Test`n Tune session at Malmö Raceway a couple of weeks ago because of the cold weather and look forward to the first EDRS race of the season the coming weekend at the same track. We hope the temperatures will be better so we can produce test runs during Saturday and Sunday.


Final day @ Custom Motor Show

During four intensive days at the Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show 74 270 visitors made it through the gates!

The Speedgroup boot was very popular and the Beast dragbike has never seen so many new riders that´s for sure. We are pretty certain that a large number of the visitors will attend the Tierp Arena facility the coming season for a high quality drag racing experience. And hopefully there will be a lot of Red Line Oil webshop visitors as well.

The well known profile from the Misfit Garage TV-series Tom Smith, from Dallas Texas, was very impressed of the Beast. He even promised to promote the bike and the Swedish team during the Man Cup Finals in Valdosta, as he has a car-show in town the very same weekend.

Good team work make good results.


Saturday @ Elmia Motor Show

The opening day of Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show drew 19 500 visitors and Saturday, day number two, was even bigger with loads of enthusiasts at Elmia.
The Speedgroup boot hosted a lot of visitor and both the Beast bike and the dragsters were very popular.
Some a little younger than others…

The new operation manager at the Tierp Arena Facility Urban Axelsson paid us a visit and got an explanation of the Beast technical data by Per.


Update from Elmia Motor Show

A lot of interested visitors stopped by at the Speedgroup boot and got an inside technical view of the beast.

The beauty and the Beast...
The project manager of the Summit Racing EDRS Drag Racing Magazine Emelie Carlswärd is looking forward to a new career?

Per and part of the Beast crew working in the Speedgroup boot at Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show where Red Line Oil Scandinavia launch their new webshop.


Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show

The Beast Dragbike team will be on site at the big show during the Eastern at Elmia, Jönköping, in cooperation with Speedgroup and Red Line Oil Scandinavia.

Speedgroup will launch their new Speedgroup Dragracing Magazine at the show and of course promote all the race dates for the coming season.

Our main sponsor Red Line Oil Scandinavia will launch their new webshop and all web orders will get an additional 20 % discount up to the 30Th of April.

Get the chance to meet the driver Per Bengtsson at Elmia on Friday and Saturday for a nitro chat.
Visit us at booth number B03:98 in the B-hall.

For more information click here


Persåkers Speedshop extends the sponsorship

The largest supplier of American race and car parts in Sweden, Persåkers Speedshop, located just 45 minutes west of Stockholm, goes in to the sixth season as sponsor of the Beast Dragbike team.

Persåkers Speedshop will provide the team with high quality spareparts and support during the 2017 season.

- "We really appreciate the cooperation with the legend and our good friend Jöran Persåker", says Per

For more information about this service minded company please visit


Sponsor visit at the Bentec and Flexoart facility

Several of our long time partners showed up at the Bentec race shop for an invited tour of the place where it all began in the late 70`s. We were around twenty people this Sunday that got together for a presentation of some of the history both of the racing as well as the company.

After seeing all the old stuff and the current equipment at the Bentec Race Shop we went down to the Flexoart facility where the company is doing business today.

After a splendid lunch delivered from Parkköket in Klippan the guests got a tour of the machine shop and the racing division where the Bentec gearboxes and clutches with spareparts are produced. During the coffee break the Beast Team plans for the 2017 season where presented.

The big news was the cooperation with 16-time NHRA Wally winner Tommy Grimes who will ride the Beast Dragbike for the EDRS Pro Nordic Championship the coming season. For more information you can find a complete press release at

We want to say a big thank you to all our partners for the continued support of the Beast Dragbike Team.

A little history and background was presented at the Bentec Race shop where both the racing and Bentec as a company started in the late 70`s.

Per explains what the Flexoart business is all about and all the guests had an interesting tour around the facility.

The whole gang gathered at the race department of Bentec Engineering.

Our partners gets an introduction of the latest news in the clutch area for the Beast.

The big news for the coming season is the new rider...


Not qualified!

What was supposed to be the highlight of the season with Tommy Grimes handling the Beast down the Tierp track turned out to be a real nightmare.

After changing the bike to Tommys weight and size during Thursday so he would be comfortable on the bike we spend Friday morning going through routines with the crew and new rider. We soon realized just how professional Tommy acts both as a person and in his attitude when it comes to racing. He only has one goal and that is to be first over the finish line and win races and the focus is 110 %.

First round turned out to be a disaster when an inlet valve broke in the burnout and caused massive damage to the engine. The crew worked extremely hard all Friday to change piston, liner, cylinder head, split the blower and clean all areas of the engine from aluminium parts. The engine was back together in race condition late Friday evening which means we had to pass on the Q2.

On the Saturday we set a “safe” Tierp set-up but Tommy surprisingly went up in smoke right after the startline in Q3 and despite an easy set-up for Q4 we only moved the smoke a bit further out on the track. Big frustration and disappointment in the camp!

Since we moved the rider 3 inches forward and Tommys weight is less then Pers we may have had too little downforce on the rear slick. After calculating we estimated that we had about 78 lb (ca 35 kg) less downforce on the rear axle. It´s a big difference and we know he Beast does not like big changes…

We feel really sorry for Tommy that we were not able to give him the bike he wanted and experience the Beast under real power. But we must point out that the rider had nothing to do with the outcome of the weekend. Tommy did what he should do and learned the Beast`s character in no time.

Also a Big thank you to all our sponsors who helped us making this possible. The Beast team will have a meeting in a couple of weeks to discuss what the future will hold. And Tommys word to the team after packing up on the Sunday was “I hope to be back on the Beast in the future!”

Tommy and Christina in the pit area

The foot pegs where moved forward to suit Tommy on the bike.

The handlebar was moved backwards about two inches after Tommys recommendations.

Per and the new hired rider going through routines.

Tommy got to meet a lot of European riders. Here Hans-Olav Olstad and Greger Johansson having a chat with the US rider.

Congrats to Samu, the new Nordic Pro Motorcycle Champion!

Our Main sponsor Red Line Oil was represented by the owner Bert Jareblom here together with L-O.


European debut at Tierp Arena

For the first time in his twenty years of racing Tommy Grimes will make his debut on the European dragracing scene during the Scandinavian Internationals at Tierp Arena the coming weekend. He will enter the Super Twin Bike class together with 13 other competitors from 6 different countries so it will be tough competition!

- I´m really excited says Tommy after receiving the phone call from Per a couple of weeks ago. After the press release was published my phone has been ringing off the hook and it´s really nice that so many follow my career. I´m overwhelmed.

Before Per called me I had almost given up the thought about racing at a top level again. But after this proposal my blood really starts to pump again. It´s an honor to be able to ride someone else’s bike and not just any bike! I will do my very best to make myself and the Beast team proud.

Tommy will arrive at Arlanda airport on Wednesday where Per and Christina will meet up. After a short Stockholm tour they will arrive at the track early Thursday morning. Then the crew will work through the routines together with the new rider and prepare the qualifications in the best possible way.

The Scandinavian Internationals will hold no more than 363 attending race teams from 13 different countries, a new record!

If you´re not able to visit the track you can follow the racing action through who will bring you a first class live coverage of the event. The bike classes is also available at Drag Racing Europe Blog where Remco Scheelings will publish daily reports from the track. And don´t forget our FB page The Beast Dragbike team. Stay tuned!


New sponsor on board

The Beast Dragbike team has signed a new partner for the remainder of the 2016 season.

The family owned Bengtssons Sawmill, located just outside of Älmhult in the south of Sweden was founded in 1982 by Göran Bengtsson. Today the company is owned and operated by his son Torbjörn but his father is still working at a daily basis at the age of 80.

The unique sawmill can handle timber up to a diameter of 150 cm! A traditional sawmill will handle log of woods at a size of 50-60 cm diameter and the rest will go as wood chips. At Bengtssons Sawmill you can use the whole log of wood with the largest sizes of wood at the market today.

All customers has special needs which the company will take care of in a flexible and cost effective way. The capacity is 25 000 cubic metre on a yearly basis. To find out more about this unique company please visit


New rider at Tierp

Per is back home in Sweden after suffering a stroke during a business trip in Germany. After two weeks of treatment at a state-of-the-art hospital in Hamburg he´s now working with the rehab process at his home base.

- I feel progress on daily basis and the only damage at this time is some coordination issues with my right arm and leg, says a confident Per.

- The doctors think this will be corrected in a while. And I hope to be back in the saddle for next season.

- Because of this we had to cancel the Alastaro and Gardermoen races and after some discussions with my wife Christina, who is in charge, and my teammembers we made the decision despite the circumstances to participate during the Scandinavian International´s at Tierp Arena the 25-28:th of August. We needed a rider for the race and one that can give the Beast justice. We came down to a few options and on top of the list was one name, Tommy Grimes. I gave him a call and explained the situation and he said I will come over! Says Per.

Tommy is best known for riding the late Ray Price´s dragbikes during a ten year period. Grimes, a 16-time NHRA Wally winner, four time season Champion in Nitro Harley and with twenty seasons under his belt he is one of the quickest dragbike riders of all time.
We hope to give all our race fans, sponsors and supporters a good show at the Tierp Arena track.
Tommys experience together with the ordinary crewmembers knowledge and our longtime sponsors will guarantee an exciting weekend, says Per.
And I don`t mind to see some records to be fallen even with me by the side, I´ll just have to repeat the performance next year when I´m back!
The whole team looks forward to see you all at the track.

A big thank you to all our sponsors for helping us in doing this!



Per got urgently ill and was admitted to a hospital in Germany during his travel home from a business trip last week. He is doing well under the circumstances and is expecting to go home to Sweden in the end of next week. This was the reason The Beast did not participate in the race in Finland this weekend. Per sends his best regards


Tierp update

This was definitely not our weekend! After another massive burnout Per went in to stage against Olstad in the first round of eliminations. When the green light flashed the chain broke at the hit. That has never happened before during all years of racing.

Big frustration in the team of course but you have to put this race behind and look forward to the next one at Alastaro in Finland in three weeks time.

We would like to say a Big Thank You to Per Andersens Reastauranger for the outstanding catering during the Tierp race!

New M/T slicks delivered to the track from our sponsor Persåkers SpeedShop was mounted Thursday night.

A big thank you goes to Gabbi and Kenneth Holmberg who lend their racebus to our team during the weekend as we have some problems with our own ride.

The Speedgroup organization made a tech article about the Beast and the parts that is produced at the Flexoart facility.

Per performed a very much appreciated explanation about the history and technical side of the Beast for invited guests.

Several of our partners visited the race and here Bert Jareblom from Red Line Oil and the dragracing icon and friend Leif Helander joins in storys from the past.


Tierp update

After massive rainshowers the promoter manage to run two rounds of qualifying late Friday evening. The first run we lost traction on a tricky track surface, and next round out Per did a perfect burn out. After the burnout the engine went silent. In the pits we later discovered a broken battery.... Saturday rained out. We're No. seven qualifier and will meet No. two Hans-Olav Olstad in the first elimination. Today we finally have a blue and sunny sky. Stay tuned!


Welcome to Tierp

The first race in the Nordic Pro Motorcycle Championship Series at Tierp Arena, Tierp Internationals, takes place the 16:th-19:th of June. The event will attend more than 300 raceteams from all over Europe. The Super Twin Bike category includes 15 bikes from five different countries and they qualifay for just eight spots in the elimination ladder! So it will be very tough just to get in to the eliminations.

Fridays second round of FIA qualifaying starts at 18.00 in the evening and will bring you some terrific headerflames when the Top Fuel Dragsters runs down the track as the sun goes down.

The bike is ready for some serious competition and we have set the game plan for the weekend. We will have our own catering in cooperation with Per Andersens Restaurants in our pit area, so if you are at the track please stop by for a quick chat and maybe to grab a bite.

And the Tierp Internationals will be the first race where you can get our new Give Away Card with the story behind the Beast and our main sponsor Red line Oil. If you are lucky you`ll get the rider Per Bengtssons autograph on your card. See you at the track!


Product Support

Our main sponsor Red Line Oil supports the Beast Dragbike Team with top notch lubricant products as well as technical support during the race season. The Beast team will have a limited assortment of Red Line Oil products available to a special racers net at our pit area during the Nordic Pro Championship Series the coming season.

During the Tierp races in June and August, Red Line Oil will also have technical support at the track. You will find the representative at The Beast Dragbike Team pit area. Don't hesitate to stop by with your questions.

L-O Johnsson who represents Red Line Oil hands over the latest product addition, the RL-600 Brake Fluid. It's a High Performance Synthetic fluid designed to maintain viscosity, lubricity, and compressibility at extreme temperatures to help safeguard against brake fading and vapour lock in racing, performance and street applications. It has a dry boiling point of 318°C (604°F)


New partner onboard

Formed in 1992 and today one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to Marine Engines, MarineDiesel Sweden AB in Ängelholm, will support the Beast Dragbike Team for the 2016 season.

The company is located in Ängelholm, in the South West of Sweden, where manufacturing, development and all engine testing is done. All engines are hand built by experienced technicians. The facility includes two modern computerized dyno-testing laboratories and a third one is being added.

MarineDiesel has an established distribution and service network in over 30 countries around the globe and MarineDiesel engines are the lightest, most powerful marine engines in their class. They provide the highest amount of continuous torque over the longest RPM range of any marine engine on the market today.

To find out more obout this hi-tech company just visit


Continued support from Persåkers speed shop

Swedens largest supplier of American race and car parts Persåkers Speed Shop, located just 45 minutes west of Stockholm, continues its support of the Beast Drag Bike team for the 2016 season.

With 20 000 part numbers in stock Persåkers Speed Shop is one of few Speed Shops where you actually can find your wanted part in the shop and go home with the parts in your trunk the very same day.

To find out more obout this service minded company just visit

L-O from the Beast Drag Bike Team hands over a great framed actionphoto from the 2015 season and says a big thank you for the support to Jöran Persåker. The framed photo was shot by Stefan Boman.


Work in progress

The work continues at the Flexoart/Bentec facility as the Beast Team prepares for the coming season ahead. Two new cylinder heads are manufactured at the Flexoart machine shop. The old ones has been in competition since 1992 which was the first season with the Beast and it was decided that it`s time for an update to be competitive during the coming seasons. A lot of service work is also in progress as the nitro environment is tough on the parts.

We will keep you updated so stay tuned!

Per is doing some maintenance work on the belt transmission pulleys.

Here you can see the original Beast engine block produced in 1992 and still in service with one of the old cylinder heads on top.

From a solid aluminium block two new heads are coming together one step at a time. Jan works on the first step of grinding and later on the heads will be flowtested and finished by Johannes Persson Motorsport in Helsingborg.


New season ahead

The plan for the coming season is to focus on several test sessions of good quality mainly on the Malmö Raceway track in the early spring, to be well prepared before the first EDRS Pro event at Tierp Arena in June.

The team has decided to run the EDRS Pro Nordic Championship Series with the ambition to take home the Winners Trophy in August. If the performance are competitive at the time we may consider to race at Santa Pod Raceway in September as well.

And as the FIA Championship expands with a race on Malta the first weekend of October it would be exciting to be a part of that event if the bikes will be included.

The last event of the season for the Beast team will be the Manufacturers Cup World Finals at South Georgia Motorsports Park, just outside Valdosta, in Georgia, USA. The plan was to compete at the event during 2015 but due to a problem filled season we decided to move the US plans forward to the 2016 season.

You will find all the race dates under the “Schedule” tag.

Stay tuned for more news the coming weeks!



More than 470 guests from all over Europe gathered at the Scandic Infra City Hotel just north of Stockholm a few weeks ago to party together with all prizewinners from the EDRS/EDRS Pro MC and FIM-Championship series. Per and part of the Beast team was on site to collect the goblet for the number three spot in the EDRS Pro MC-series for the Super Twin category. Congrats to the winner Samu Kemppainen and to Hans-Olav Olstad as number two in the series.


Early Sunday exit

In the first elimination round we tried to repeat the nice launch from Q4 but the track surprisingly couldn't hold the power as we slightly smoked the ture out from the startline

Per did go for it again but Roman Sixta laid down a 6.72 run and was first over the finish line. More details will follow soon!

Congrats to Samu Kemppainen for winning the event and for the EDRS Nordic Pro Motorcycle Championship title!


Qualifying Scandinavian Internationals

After technical problems yesterday we managed to produce a 6.54 second run in Q3 today with a basic tune up and straight ignition. We seem to have suffered by an ignition problem and now with the basic tune up the bike run as it should

In Q4 we did one of the best launches ever with a 1.09 second 60 foot time but after 200 meters we lost the sprag in the gearbox and the bike hit the ground hard which almost sent Per off the bike. The rider is o k and we are no 2 qualifier with 6.54 right after Olstad with 6.54

We are facing no. 7 qualifier Roman Sixta in the first elimination round tomorrow


Ready for tierp battle

After an intense period in the workshop the team are now ready for take off and the bus leaves for Tierp Arena and the Scandinavian Internationals this Thursday. It´s the final race in the EDRS Nordic Pro Motorcycle Championship and the Championship title is realistically out of reach as Samu Kemppainen with two wins in a row leads with 94 points before Hans-Olav Olstad and Per just one point behind Olstad. So it will be a battle between the two paralelltwin bikes Thunderstruck and the Beast for the Runner Up position in the Championship.

The bike is ready for action and since the race in Norway we seems to have found a few gremlins that have been haunting us earlier in the season so the ambition for the coming weekend is to lower our pb in qualifaying and go for the final on Sunday. The weather forecast looks just brilliant and with the high quality race track that always waits for us at the Tierp Arena facility we hope to produce a good show for the fans. There are sixteen bikes entered in the class and with eight available spots in the ladder the qualifaying will be a show of it´s own!

If you´re not able to visit the track you can follow the progress on where you can find an excellent live coverege of the event and also a link to Smart TV live coverege. We will also publish short reports on this site after each race day and don´t forget our Facebook page The Beast Dragbike .

The Scandinavian Internationals 2015 will be a record event in all aspects as there are no more then 332 race teams entered from ten different countries, a new record for the facility.

Stay tuned!


Thanks for the help

During the Drag Challenge at Gardermoen Raceway the Beast suffered some damage in qualifying when one of the cylinders went a bit lean. Thanks to Hårvard Ekle from Erling Opheims Super Twin Bike team we got help with welding and repair of our valvecover, oilpan, chain cover and headers. Usually we don´t damange that many parts but nitro racing can be unpredictable.


Sunday eliminations at Gardermoen Raceway

After a long Saturday evening with service and repairs including searching for a possible ignition failure causing one cylinder to lean out to much with cyl head damage as a result, the Beast crew felt that the bike and tuning where under control for the eliminations on Sunday morning.

The opponent in the first round was no 8 qualifayer Trond J. Hoiberget with a best of 8.23 seconds. Per left the startline with a decent 60 foot time (1.13) but drifted towards the centerline very early in to the run. He managed to save the bike from crossing the line but despite going on the throttle one more time it was too late to catch up Trond before the finish line.

Very frustrating situation as the combination we have been working on for quite some time, now seems to work as we want to. We produced some good runs in qualifaying but loosing in the first round is of course a disappointment. We where hunted by several problems during the weekend so the crew have been working very hard between rounds solving different issues and we never missed any rounds in qualifaying.

The points chase in the EDRS Nordic Pro Championship is now very tough as Samu Kemppainen took his second victory in a row. We are on the no 3 spot 95 points after Samu who leads the Championship and Hans Olav Olstad is no 2 just 1 point before the Beast. With just two and a half weeks to go before the next round at Tierp Arena 21-23 of August you can say we will go to an intense period to be ready in time.

Stay tuned!

The Beast team in the staging lanes at Gardermoen Raceway

Set working in the pits with the cylinder head fixing the valve seats.

The team worked long hours over the weekend.

There are now a lot of work to be done at the workshop to get ready in time for the next race at Tierp Arena.


Saturday qualifying Gardermoen Raceway

In the 4th session Hans-Olav Olstad set a new pb with 6.57 seconds. In the next pair Per ran a 6.56 against samu who ran a side by side 6.57! In the last qualifying round the Beast teeam set the pace with 6.41 and are now no.1 qualifier just before Samu with 6.570 and on the no. 3 spot Olstad with 6.579. Ronny Aasen is no. 4 with 6.82.

In Sundays eliminations we will meet TRond Höiberget in the first round. The bike is ready for tomorrow and so are the crew!

Stay tuned!


Friday qualifying Gardermoen Raceway

After two sessions of qualifying Per holds the no. 2 spot with 6.66 seconds. Samu Kemppainen is no. 1 with 6.59 seconds. In the second round we burned the headgasket and damaged the head. No mechanical problems otherwise and we are ready for tomorrow.

Stay tuned!


Drag challenge in Norway

The third race in the EDRS Nordic Pro Motorcycle Championship Series will go off at Gardermoen Raceway the coming weekend. The bike classes and Top Doorslammer will get five qualification runs and the timeschedule for these are as follow.

Friday 11.00 and 15.00
Saturday 11.00, 14.00 and 17.00.

The super Twin Tpo Fuel class has 11 bikes on the entry list so the competition will be tough. As the track and air usually holds very good quality this is a weekend the Beast team really looks forward to.

The preperations of the bike and equipment has played out as planned and we hope to produce some good numbers in qualifying. The ambition on Sunday is to race in the final. If you're not able to visit the track in Norway you can follow our progress on this site as we will publish reports from the racing action on a daily basis.

And don't forget our Facebook team page called "The Beast Dragbike" where you'll find short notes over the weekend.

Stay tuned!


Summary of Nitro Nat´s in Finland

The Beast team are working with repairs and service after the Alastaro race. High rpm caused by lost traction especially during Fridays qualifying when the track was in bad shape in the hot conditions, damaged the cylinderhead as the exhaust valves hit the pistons. The original head is serviced by JPM Motorsport and the spare head is done in the Beast workshop. Besides these damages everything looks ok and the spare parts area is now complete again.

Despite the tricky conditions at Alastaro we did get the answers we were looking for when it comes to the clutch management system as well as ignition timing system which now works according to plan. We also collected important points in the EDRS Nordic Pro Motorcycle Championship and are now no. 2 with 116 points after the event winner Samu Kemppainen who leads the Championship series with 151 points.

With three weeks to go before the third round in the NMC Series at Gardermoen Raceway in Norway we try to be as well prepared as possible. Stay tuned!

Winner of the Nitro Nationals at Alastaro Samu Kemppainen and Runner Up Per Bengtsson celebrated together during the prize ceremony.

Set and Per in one of many tuning discussions over the weekend because of the tricky track conditions in the heat.

Our pit area in Finland during the Nitro Nationals at Alastaro Circuit .

Our good friend Christian Merlid, former crew mechanic for Charley Karling and now working for Lindberg Bros TM/FC -team, stopped by our pit for a chat.


Eliminations at Alastaro

Sundays track at Alastaro improved and The Beast Team managed to get to the final against Samu Kemppainen who was the only one in the 6.70 second zone over the weekend

Samu produced another one in the final and Per launched good but drifted towards the centerline at halftrack and couldn't reach Samu before the finish line.

We will post mroe info during the coming week


Last qualifying at Alastaro

In the last session we finally made it down the track with a very soft tune up that produced a 6.90 and 340km/h in top speed

No. 2 qualifier which means that we will be facing Rolfstad iun the first round of eliminations tomorrow. Our focus is clear and that is to win the race on Sunday!


Friday qualifying at Alastaro

Very hot conditions on the first day of qualifying with 33 degrees celsius in the afternoon. The track is surprisingly a dissapointment and very tricky.

All higher classes have big problems to get down the track and Super Twin is no exception. We are no. 5 with 9.67 seconds and 176km/h. The numbers says it all.

We will try to back down the power even more for Saturdays sessions andd try to get in to the six second zone

Stay tuned!


Preparations for Finland

The bike has gone through normal service after the Tierp race and we have done some modifications to the clutch management system to solve the issues we had at Tierp where the clutch engaged to early from the start.

The whole team looks forward to come back to Alastaro in Finland as we have not raced there since the 2011 season. The track was resurfaced last year and we hear that it looks really good after that. The Nitro Nationals has nine bikes on the entry list and the competition will be tough for sure just as we like it to be.

You can follow the progress during the race at and we will try to publish daily reports on this website as well as on our facebook page.

Stay tuned!

The bike in the shop for service and modifications have been done before the Nitro National´s

Putte prepares the fuel mixture for the coming weekend in Finland.


Best Appearing EDRS Pro MC Team

Per Bengtsson and the Beast Dragbike team was selected as the Best Appearing Team during the Tierp Internationals. The trophy was delivered by Regina Clasén representing the track owners' family and appointed as guest judge.

The new look of the bike really got the attention from the spectators and fellow competitors. A big thank you goes to the following partners: Löörs for the brilliant design, Christer Jakobsson for the paint job and Joe at Joma Reklam who did all the logos and foil work. The result couldn`t be better!



Tierp Interat's rained out. After several rainshowers and some race related incidents on the racetrack the race officials were forced to take the decision to cancel the event as the clock went away during late afternoon.

The NMC classes never got a chance to race due to the bad weather. More details around the Beast status will follow during the coming week.

Stay tuned!



Per and The Beast is no.6 qualifier after the final qualifying session. We have had problems with the clutch management system which caused the clutch to engage right out from the startline.

Hopefully the problems are solved by tomorrow when we will meet Ismo Mäenpää in the first round of eliminations.


The Beast team visits Persåkers Speed shop

On Wednesday evening the 3:rd of June Persåkers Speed Shop will host the Coolest Bike during fräna Fiket in Åkers Styckebruk. The Beast team will be on site displaying the paralleltwin nitro dragbike and later during the evening you will be able to experience a warm up on nitro! Per Bengtsson will be the judge during the event and will choose the winners in the different bike classes.

As one of the Beast teams sponsors Jöran Persåker is happy to present the badest Nitro bike around and to give the enthusiasts a taste of what´s is happening at the Tierp Arena track the coming weekend.

We will stay at Persåkers Speed Shop over night and leave for the Tierp Internationals Thursday morning. You will be able to follow us during the first round of EDRS Nordic Pro Motorcycle Championship Series with help from and their excellent coverege of the event.

We will also publish daily reports on our website Stay tuned!


Red Line Oil primary sponsor for the beast drag bike team

After four seasons as lubricant sponsor and technical adviser for Per Bengtsson and the Beast Drag Bike team, Red Line Oil announces primary sponsorship for the coming two years.

- We have supported Per Bengtsson and the Beast Team since the 2011 season with our Red Line Synthetic 70 WT Nitro Drag Race Oil both on the European drag racing scene as well as in the United States during the Manufacturers Cup Finals, says Bert Jareblom, owner of Red Line Oils Scandinavian agency.

- We see a great potential in the teams approach both on and off the racetrack and the unique nitro powered paralelltwin engine is a perfect example of the tough environment our Red Line Synthetic Oil is designed to withstand.

Bert reminds that all racers will find a limited assortment of Red Line Oil products available to a special racers net at The Beast Drag Bike teams' pit area during all the races the coming season.

- Red Line Oil increase it's support for the Beast team and we are looking forward to the coming two seasons running with the best lubricant products on the market, says team owner Per Bengtsson.

- Our ambition is to create a marketing tool around the unique and powerful Beast paralelltwin bike where we will work together with invited guests both at the races as well as during sponsorevents.

The Beast Dragbike team will be testing at Malmö Raceway the coming weekend during the Malmö Open race before the sefason debut which will take place at Sweden Internat's on the Tierp Arena facility 4-7th of June.

The new Red Line Oil paint scheme designed by long time partner Löörs will catch the spectators eyes that weekend which is the firt competition in the EDRS Nordic Pro Motorcycle Championship Series.

Stay Tuned!


Nitro in the air

A lot of hours has been done in the workshop since the display at Friends Arena in January and last Thursday it was time to give the Beast it`s first go for the 2015 season.

The first warm up for the season is always a little special and despite that the whole bike has been down in pieces the paralell engine went to work at the first hit. Except from a small fuel leak everything worked as planned and the Beast really sounds fast even when it´s standing still....

We are in an intense period of work at the moment because of a sponsor deal that has been signed for the coming two seasons. More on that in a coming announcement.

Stay tuned!

Here you have the proof of the frozen injector after the warm up. If you look closely you can see it´s the 2015 version


Busy Weekend

Per had a hectic time during Autoexpertens Verkstadsmässa on Friends arena during the weekend. The Beast bike drew a lot of intention towards Red Line Oils showcase where the visitors got an explanation about nitro racing and the unique paralelltwin engine.

There where a lot of interesting questions from the invited guests coming from all over Sweden who got the opportunity to have a close look at Red Line Oils products among other exhibitors.

It was an impressive sight with companys displayed over 8 000 square meters at the Friends Arena in Solna, Stockholm.


Display at Friends Arena Stockholm

In cooperation with Red line Oil the Beast dragbike with rider Per Bengtsson will be on site during Autoexpertens Verkstadsmässa at Friends Arena in Stockholm the 30-31:st of January.

If you´re at the fair you will find the dragbike at Red Line Oils showcase number 77 where the Chevrolet Cobalt Top Doorslammer of Benny Strand also is displayed. Please feel free to stop by for a chat with Per about the coming season and the racing in general.


2015 Game Plan

The Beast team goes in to the new year with high hopes and has decided to step up the race program for the coming season. After two years with a limited schedule the team are now ready to run the complete EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship series for 2015. The series concists of four races with a good spreading in the calender as there are almost one month between most of the dates.

All involved tracks are of good quality and a lot of Super Twin teams will run the whole series so we think the level of competition will be very good. The NMC-series will also play an important role when it comes to give new and maybe not so experienced teams a chance to race a series to a reasonable cost.

The nitro classes needs more raceteams and hopefully younger riders to develop in the future. Before entering the first NMC-race at Tierp Arena the 4-7th of June we will run some testsessions at Malmö Raceway in early May to be well prepared.

The plan for 2015 will also include the Manufacturers Cup World Finals in November at South Georgia Motorsports Park, Georgia, USA. After competing in the US both in 2012 and 2013 we now feel it`s time to come back for the Man Cup World Finals, which as an event goes in to it´s sixth year and has become the “Grand Finale” for the quickest dragbikes in the world.

We hope competing in the NMC-series earlier in the season will help us to be competitive when we are up against the toughest in the business.


Out in the first round

Sundays eliminations during the Turtle Wax Internat's at Tierp Arena didn't turn out as planned for the team. In the first round in very cold conditions we where up against number eight qualifier Petri Mattson from Finland who ran 7,60 in qualifying

When the green light turned on in the eliminations Per left the startline with a 1,08 second 60-foot time and took the lead up to about halftrack where the Beast surprisingly lost traction.

Per immediately shifted to second gear and kept the throttle down but unfortunately the M/T reartyre did not hook up enough to take the win and Petri was the first over the finish line with a new personal best of 6,78 against Pers 6,89. Frustrating end of the weekend for the Beast team.

Mechanically the engine runs better than ever and during the weekend the bearings had just been checked and was in so good conditions that we just had to put them back in again. On the other hand we had problems with the clutch management system and we where forced to go back to an older version which was not planned in the tune up.

We will now analyze the weekend and we'll be back with more news ab out the coming future. Stay tuned!

The Beast pit was visited by Johan Haack from KGK and Håkan Amby, sales manager at SEAB, who got a behind the scenes presentation of The Beast

Turtle Wax Internat's attracted a lot of spectators despite the shaky weather reports.

Bert Jareblom representing Red Line Oil who support us with the best available products was one of our invited guests during Sundays eliminations.

Getting ready on the startline just before take off.


Summary Saturday

During the third qualifying round the race was hold up due to rain just when the Super Twins had started their session.

After six hours of waiting the race was restarted and Per was racinf Rolfstad in the last pair. A very nice side by side race where Per was first over the finish line with a 6,66 (the number of the beast) against Rolfstads 6,77.

Still no.1 qualifier and tomorrow are we up against Petri in the first round of eliminations.


Summary Friday

The Beast recorded 6,58-341 km/h in the first round and that was the quickest ET in the class.

In the second round we had problems with the clutch management system which used too much clutch slippery and the clock stopped at 7,00

We will try to fix the problem before next day of qualifying. Still no.1 and a new day tomorrow.


Bengtsson confident before Turtle Wax Internat's

After the Drag Challenge race in Norway where the Beast team ran a series of 6,54 6,53 and 6,52 during qualifaying Per feels confident going in to the coming weekends Turtle Wax Internat`s at the Tierp Arena track.

- A very good racetrack produced top performance straight from the first day of racing, says Per.

- We where a little disappointed for not going faster than 6,52 seconds but at the same time satisfied with the concistency since our ambitions was to win the race!

- Unfortunately Sundays eliminations was cancelled due to heavy rain

When we where back home at our workshop and prepared for the coming Tierp event we discovered a main ignition problem which showed us that only one sparkplug per cylinder had been working properply during the race in Norway! This did not cause any damage but the real power was not present. This means that the team now looks forward to the Turtle Wax Internationals at Tierp Arena with confidence to go for some really fast numbers the coming weekend.

The Beast team relaxes with some Champagne and Russian caviar after a string of 6,54, 6,53 and 6,52 runs with just oil and sparkplug changes in between.

- We expect this to be the best race of the season at the Tierp Arena and we know that the track always is 100%.

- With fifteen entrys in the Super Twin Bike class, lot´s of potential six second bikes and hopefully a big crowd in the grandstands we think this will be a raceweekend to remember, says Per.

We´ll do everything we can to keep our competitors behind and if the weather cooperates we expect runs down in to the 6,3 second zone, Per ends.

The Beast team takes the oppurtunity to welcome all race fans to our pit area and have a chat with us! You`ll also be able to purchase one or two ex of our US Tour edition Beast T-shirts.

If you`re not able to attend the track will provide you with updates in real time and an excellent coverege during the raceweekend.

We will also publish updates after qualifaying each day as well as after Sundays eliminations.
So stay tuned and see you all at the track!


Bengtsson will make seasondebut at Gardermoen Raceway

The coming weekend Per Bengtsson and the Beast team will make their season premiere in the EDRS Nordic Pro Championship at Gardermoen Raceway.

- We all look forward to a good race that seems to gather a strong entrylist, says Per. The start of the series may not been as predicted regarding the track in Finland as well as the results.

- When the series now continues to Norway we`ll hope for an exciting raceweekend and some good numbers on the track. I´ve always felt comfortable at the Gardermoen track and many of my personal bests have been made there!

- We have been testing some new parts at Malmö Raceway, a new management system for the ignition and clutch with more tuning possibilitys to be able to fine adjust in an easier way than before, Per continiues.

- Our competitors have already a couple of races in their backs so it will be a tough game. Hans-Olav Olstad seems to have found a good tune up. Vidar Ravnsborg is always quick at Gardermoen and it will be exciting to see what Svein-Olav Rolfstads new engine can produce.

- Since the Nordic Pro Campionship series among other factors has been created to develop Scandinavian Super Twin Racing it`s very nice too see that we have a complete new rider from Sweden with us to Norway, Anders Hörnström. He will make his competition debut on an ex Jay Turner bike and we hope that he soon will feel comfortable on the track. The bike has done 6,6 second runs in the US but Anders aims to put down some low 7 second runs to start with.

- The Beast team has loaded up with new T-shirts and we`ll hope you stop by our pit area during the coming weekend! We look forward to to meet all supporters and competitors again.

- We have been told by Johnny Vickers that our long time friend from Germany, Acka Riemer recently had a stroke but hopefully with full recovery. Best wishes to Acka from the whole Beast team.


Shakedown in Malmö

The test session at Malmö Raceway was the season debut for the Beast team and a good opportunity for the crew to get rid of the winter dust before the Drag Challenge race in Norway. A few gremlins was sorted out over the weekend and the new Pro Mag Controller from MSD looks very promising for the coming races.

We where out on the track four times during Saturday and the bike was then serviced and are now ready for the Nordic Motorcycle Championship race in Norway which will take place on the 1-3 of August. We hope to see you there! Stay tuned.

A good crowd in the grandstands at Malmö Raceway

Per in full focus before the first run of the 2014 season.


What's new for 2014

Over the winter a new ignition and clutch management system has been installed. Still the same dual Pro Mag 44 and Bentec 4-plate clutch but we will now use a 3 bleeder valve from Electrimotion and the fully programmable Pro Mag Controller from MSD. We will test some different clutch set-up, both with the old bronze sinter frictions as well as a new iron sinter.

The team will start the season with a test session at Malmö Raceway and then do the Gardermoen and Tierp Nordic Motorcylce Cahampionship races. - Depending on the results we will plan the future, says Per.

- Since we only do a limited season we`ll focus on ET racing. We found some great settings last year during the MFC (Manufacturers Cup) at Bradenton, US.The ambition is to set the baseline at 6,4 seconds and make some low 6,3 runs during the races. And hopefully to show up in the winner`s circle!

The newly formed Nordic Motorcycle Championship will be a great improvement for the class growth in the Nordic countries. We really need this since the number of racers keeps decreasing.We need new racers and preferably younger ones! The NMC will be a great series to enter with less travelling, good tracks and a mix of fast and not so fast racers

See you in Malmö!


The Beast back at the HQ

After a few weeks on the ocean and some hold up time in the Helsingborg harbour in Sweden the world fastest container has finally come back to the Flexoart facility in Klippan and was unloaded during the 4:th of January. The bikes and equipment looked very good and were in the same condition as in Bradenton, Florida.

Peter and Sören Svensson with the Team Starta Racing crew joined the Beast team and it was nice to catch up again after the American adventure. Eric Teboul came by on the Sunday and went straight back to France with the worlds fastest Rocket Bike.

The Beast Drag Bike team will have a meeting the coming weekend wich will close up our Bradenton trip and we`ll also have a look on what´s up for the coming season. Stay tuned!

Per opens up the Hapag Lloyd container at the Flexoart facility and it's always exciting to see how the equipment looks after several weeks on the ocean.

The Beast team with the team Starta Racing crew are happy to have their bullets back on Swedish soil


Sunday evening

Here you can see a very satisfied crew after a tough raceweek and a very exciting race. The beast was extremely appreciated both among the racefans as well as the competitiors. A lot of people thanked us for bringing the bike over from europe and many recognised us from the Valdosta race last year.

The manufacturers cup promoters did a very good job and together with the bradenton track crew they produced one of the best dragbike races in a long time.

Two of our biggest american fans was Dan and Danny from Tallahassee who spent the raceweekend with us.

Sunday night was spent in a container and when the equipment was loaded the Svensson team and the other europeans showed the Americans how you party all night long... More news to be followed when the beast crew hits Swedish soil.



the first qualifying session on Friday evening was the 10: th round since the beast team arrived at Bradenton motorsports park on Monday test session. We have only changed two sets of rod bearings as the beast parallel twin engine just keep delivering.

The last test round today produced a 6.43 second run and we repeated during Q1 with a 6.46 and a new personal best speed with 226, 18 mph! Q 1 was run under the lights with really nice header flames all the way from the start line something that was popular among the spectators.

We are no 2 qualifier going in to Saturdays next two sessions and we're looking forward to another night session tomorrow evening! Don't forget to tune in and Ed O’Connell’s excellent coverage with results and action photos. Stay tuned!


Final Preperations

Our last day before tomorrows Test-n-Tune session and the Haltech World Finals was partly spend on the beach just outside Clearwater Beach.

We later on picked up our mobile home for the coming weekend and also had the luck to experience an exciting fishing tour. Tomorrow we plan to run the Beast two rounds on the quartermile and before that build our pitarea for the coming race.

Two pelicans!

We had the luck to find a massive crab habitation in the Tampa Bay ......

We picked up our new home in Tampa and the Ford with it´s V10 engine sounde great in the Interstate.


Change of plans

Our scheduled off shore fishing trip was cancelled yesterday due to heavy wind in the area. So we took a trip to one of US most beautiful beaches Siesta Key with its incredible white smooth sand.

The water held 24 degrees so it was nice to take a swim in the ocean especially in November. Afterwards we had some food and drinks together with Pippi at Anna Maria Island just by the sea where we experienced an amazing sunset in the evening.

Today Wednesday we`ll take a trip up to the Tampa area and pick up our mobile home which will be our base for the coming race. Stay tuned!


Monday test session

Monday turned out to be an intense day as the team went out on the track five times during the day. It was a special feeling to have a complete dragstrip facility available on our own and with good support from the track crew we couldn´t ask for more.

The day produced several good 60-foot times and an impressive G-force number out from the startline. The tracksurface and results looks very promising for the coming weekend and the Haltech World Finals.

After the day was finished we packed all equipment and dragbike in the trailer that the promoter kindly helped us with and on Thursday morning we will be back to build our pitarea for the coming raceweekend.

Thursday will be a Test`n Tune session and we will of course take advantage of that oppurtunity. Now the Beast team will take a couple of days off and it will start with an off shore fishing trip to see who will bring up the biggest fish! Stay tuned!


Touchdown in Florida

The Beast team are now at Bradenton Motorsports Park and spent the Sunday preparing for Mondays testsession together with Top Fuel Bike rider Peter Svensson.Svensson has already set a new trackrecord over the eightmile with 3,86 in a exhibitionrun on Sunday afternoon.

Everything is ready to go with the Beast and we`ll be back with the results from todays testruns in the next update. The weather temperetures is promised to be in the 80:s all week. Stay tuned!


Ready for take off

The Haltech World Finals at Bradenton Motorsports Park are closing up rapidly and the Beast team are soon ready to catch the flight to Orlando on Saturday morning. All preperations to be able to race during almost a whole week with equipment, spares, fuel, oil, US version T-shirts, rental cars, mobile home and so on are now in place. There are a lot of logistics that has to work out so no unnecessary time will be spilled.

The container has arrived at the track and we have together with Peter Svensson and Team Starta Racing rented the facility on Monday for a private testsession.

The ambition is to make at least three runs during the day and then continue the test during Thursdays Test`n Tune. We will therefore be well prepared before the first round of qualifying at Friday evening.

We aim for a top spot in the ladder and looks forward to race against the best in the business for the event title in the Pingel Enterprise Top Fuel Twin class. Don`t hesitate to stop by our pitarea if you´re at the track for a chat. We are more than happy to answer your questions.

The US-tour is made possible thank´s to the support from Svemo and an extra effort from our sponsors. A big thank you for supporting us! Please check out this site during our US-tour as we will update on a daily basis. And don`t forget and Ed O`Connells excellent event coverege during the raceweekend. Stay tuned!


US Coverage

We are happy to inform all racefans that US correspondent Ed O`Connell will be at Bradenton Motorsports Park for the Haltech World Finals. Ed will in cooperation with editor Tog in UK, publish daily reports, pit notes and pictures wich you can view at during the racewekend.

The Beast dragbiketeam will also publish reports on this website during our US tour. In the picture below is Ed to the left doing an interview with Jörgen Leanders, co-owner of Leanders Bros TM/FC dragracingteam.

Stay tuned.


Red Line Oil supports US tour

Red Line Oil has been our lubricant partner for three seasons and without a doubt the Red Line Synthetic 70WT Nitro Drag Race oil is the best product we have ever used. Even when the engine has been put on a lot of pressure the result has been excellent with no oilrelated damage at all.

Therefore we are very pleased to announce that Red Line Oil will support us with the best available products during our US tour and the Haltech World Finals at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida. A big thank you goes to Bert Jareblom at Red Line Oil Sweden for back up and support.

Stay tuned.


The cargo is on its way!

During the past weekend Team Starta Racing and the Beast team assisted by Rikard Gustafsson who brought Eric Tebouls rocket Bike over from England, met up at the Flexoart facility in Klippan where the Hapag-Lloyd container was to be loaded.

Per and Peter both looks forward to be racing in Florida.

The three bikes with equipment and spares where nice and easy put in to the twenty foot container which will leave Sweden tomorrow Friday and be shipped to Jacksonville, Florida. All logistics is taken care of by DHL Global Solutions in cooperation with Hapag-Lloyd and the shipment will arrive to the Bradenton Motorsports Park during the last week of October.

All projects needs a coordinator and Janco really took care of the staff

Jay Regan, event director for the Manufacturers Cup Haltech World Finals, has made an interesting announcment with the addition of a new class for the Finals. The Pingel Enterprise Top Fuel Twin class means that the Top Fuel Bikes and all Twin engine bikes are seperated and will now race on equal terms. We hope this will increase the amount of US teams and opens up for very exciting racing.

The whole crew gathered after a successful day of work.

Stay tuned.


Extended season

Per and the Beast team has decided to join Top Fuel Bike rider Peter Svensson and the Team Starta Racing together with the fastest Rocket Bike rider in the world, Eric Teboul from France, in competing during the Haltech World Finals at Bradenton Motorsports Park, Florida the 8-10:th of November.

Sören and Peter Svensson, owners of the world quickest TFB with 5,709, has been working for some time with the logistics to be able to compete at the Manufacturers Cup Final event of the year, that will take place at Bradenton Motorsports Park, very close to Tampa in Florida. During the Scandinavian Internationals at Tierp Arena the Svenssons offered Per and the team space in the container for the US trip together with Eric Teboul.

Since then lot of activity has taken place at Pers HQ Flexoart to see if we where able to put this project in to action as no one in the team had planned for the US this season. After investigating with our sponsors and some discussions in the team we decided to take part in the worlds fastest container and now the whole team really looks forward to race against the best in the business at Bradenton in November.

A big thank you to all our sponsors who helps us to compete on the international scene!

The container will be loaded the coming weekend at the Flexoart facility in Klippan. More news will follow after the weekend. Stay tuned!


Photos from Tierp Arena

We would like to share you some actionshots from Scandinavian Internationals at Tierp Arena. As mentioned before Sundays eliminations was a big dissappointment when the burstpanel blew during the burnout in the second round.

Sometimes it`s a small step between success and failure. The team sat down for a meeting one week after the race and discussed how to go forward and an exciting announcement will be made in a few days. Stay tuned!

The Beast launches hard and the incrementals from the startline starts to show some positive results.

A new slick needs some break-in time on the track and Per sure spoiled the spectators at the Tierp Area with some impressive burnouts.


Frustrating end of the weekend

With a new slicks on the bike Per did a huge burnout before the first run wich was a byerun. We were the first one out on the track in the morning so the traction was not good enough for the set up with tyresmoke as a result

Next round was against Trond Hoiberget. When Per went through the burnout the rpm went just a little too low and the burst plate blew outwith a bang. Very frustrating end for the Beast team since the race conditions and the racetrack was top notch. Trond later on won the final against Hans-Olav Olstad.

More news and photos from Tierp Arena will be published shortly.


Tierp Arena

The Beast is still no 1 qualifyer after the final Q session. No improvements on Saturday but we can see on the incrementals that we're on to some interesting numbers.

A 16-bike ladder today with a bye in the first round. The eliminations starts at 9.30


Tierp Arena

After the first two qualifying sessions the Beast is currently in the top with 6.55 seconds. The first run produced a 6.60 run despite an early clickoff.

Everything looks ok and the weather and racetrack couldn't be better. Two more sessions today so stay tuned.


Upgraded valvetrain

The damage to the rocker arm stands in Norway was caused by a broken valvelifter and the stands itself has been in duty since -95 season so you could say it was time for an upgrade...

Thanks to superb service by Jarmo Pulkkinen who obtained the latest TF-parts available, Per could produce a complete new rocker arm stand and the result is one of the strongest valvetrain constructions you could get. To prevent any other problems that can occur we have changed to a new set of pistons with pins and rings, a new set of rods and a new cambelt as well as blower belt.

The camshaft designed by Johannes Persson has been polished and can be used again without problems. We can see on the incrementals from the runs at Gardermoen that we are close to a break through in the tune up and with the upgraded valvetrain we'll give the Beast even more fuel than before.

The ambition is to lower our Personal best of 6,38 and the track at Tierp Arena has previously been of record breaking standard so we hope this weekend will be as good as ever.

Eighteen bikes has entered for this weekends Scandinavian Internationals at Tierp and it's particurily good to see seven Swedish riders on the entry list. The organizers will run a 16-bike ladder so we hope this will turn out to be a good show for all spectators.

If you´re not able to visit the track SmartTv will broadcast live WebTv and as always will publish live coverege together with interviews. We will aslo publish short updates on a daily basis during the weekend. Stay tuned!


Gardermoen Raceway update

Due to heavily rainshowers in the Gardermoen area Saturdays racing has been cancelled. The Beast team discovered a damage on the rocker arm stands after the warm up this morning. Since we don't have these parts as spares the racing is over this weekend.

We will travel back to Sweden tomorrow morning and we'll be back at Tierp Arena in three weeks. More details about the weekend in a few days.

Stay tuned!


Gardermoen Raceway

After the first day of qualifying at Gardermoen Raceway we´re no. 3 qualifier with 6.78. Samu Kempainen is no.1 with 6.63 and Skutt Nylen at the third spot with 6.98. Our tuning desicions are showing positive results and we´re very much looking forward to another 3 sessions tomorrow.

The track seems to hold the power and we are pretty sure to improve over the weekend if the weather cooperate.


A Thin Line

Tierp Arena offered a superb racetrack during the Sweden Internationals, probably one of the best we`ve raced on and despite some rain the weekend was mostly a sunny one. When the qualification was done the Beast ended up as no 3 qualifayer with 6,84 right after Ulf Ledström and no 1 qualifier Ronny Aasen who put down a 6,60 run.

The Beast team struggled to produce enough wheelspin from the startline without getting in to tyreshake. During the first run Saturday morning we left the startline with a 1,11 second 60-foot time and all the way up to half track the bike really launched hard. Unfortunately Per went into tyreshake after +250 meter and the bike went towards the wall when he had to get off the throttle.

Afterwards the computer showed an indentical graph from our 6,39 runs at Valdosta in November so we´re close to produce some good numbers. It´s a thin line from a really good number on the scoreboard and wheelspin/tyreshake when you aim to go faster than nobody done before.

Sundays eliminations didn´t go our way when we lost against Greger Johansson in the first round after loosing traction around 100 meters out from the start. The winner of the event was Ulf Ledström who won his first FIM Europe title.

We arrived to Tierp untested this season and afterwards you can see we suffered a bit from that. Therefore The Beast team will now do some testruns next month at Malmö Raceway before the Gardermoen race in the beginning of August.


Season starter at Tierp Arena

The Beast dragbike team will make its 2013 debut on the 13-16:th of June at the Tierp Arena track during the FIA/UEM Sweden Internationals. Per and the team will later continue to Norway in the beginning of August and then return back to Tierp on the 22-25:th in the same month for the second FIA/UEM race this season at the Swedish track.

The goal is to come back to the US in the near future even more competitive than before and therefore we need to lower the elapsed times even further. A new and bigger BDK valve from Don Jackson is installed and we hope this device will help us from the fuelpressure problems we´ve suffered at a certain rpm. There is also some new ideas in the clutch area where we will use more clutchspin and manage the power output by ignition timing. The ambition is definitely to come down in the 6,20 zone during 2013.


Nitro Seminar

At the end of April Per Bengtsson and longtime crewchief Lars “Putte” Tydinger arranged a Nitro seminar at the Svemo office in Norrköping. The idea was to spread knowledge from a +30 years long career in the nitroranks and to inspire new Swedish competitors towards the higher Pro classes.

The two day seminar drew almost 40 participants, mostly riders and crewmembers but also raceofficials and marshals who took the opportunity to learn more about the technology and tactics in the world of nitro dragbikes.


Season Greetings

Per and the Beast dragbike team wish all our friends, racefans and sponsors a Merry Christmas and a good exciting 2013! We will spend some quality time with friends and family and bring you all some news regarding next season as soon as the new year starts. Merry Christmas!


The real thing

After a few weeks back in the cold Scandinavian winter climate Christmas time is suddenly closing up. The Hapag-Lloyd container is on it's way back to Europe and will arrive to the Helsingborg harbour in the south of Sweden around the 5th of January.

All team members will meet during Christmas to make a summary of the US-trip and also have a look in to the next season.

But first we would like to give you an idea how the brutal power of the Beast parallel twin looks and sounds like in reality.
Click on the link below and watch some amazing scenes from the onboard camera.

Click here for youtube link


After race party

After race party in the pic above Ian King, Pippi and more at Jay Reagans party in Clearwater Beach

Next year's competitor; Christian Jäger?.


Eliminations Sunday

Per was up against Svein Olaf Rolfstad in the first round and Rolfstad took the the win when the Beast got traction problems at half track

We are still working to improve the 100meters of the run and we are not yet where we should be in that part. Big congrats to Rolfstad for the Runner Up result. We are still very satisfied with the Valdosta weekend as no 3 qualifier with a new personal best at 100 meters as well as the 1/8mile.

The Beast was the quickest European bike at the event and the attention and support from all the fans who travelled from all over the country to see the Europeans has been amazing.

We also want to thank the organizers for a splendid track, Jay Reagan for help and support, Larry Mcbride for such a warm welcome and help with MSD parts and thanks to all of our American friends from Tallahassee and Fort Myers. And not to forget about Ed O'Connell for the excellent daily coverage and Tog in the UK for quick updates.

We will now head back to Europe and we all hope to be back in the US in the future for more racing.

The container was loaded and sealed late Sunday evening and the effort was witnessed by a lot of spectators.

The pitarea was disassembled piece by piece during late Sunday.

Our friends from Tallahassee joined us in the pits the whole weekend.


Final Qualifying

Saturday and last day for getting into the 8 bike ladder. The Beast team was on to a really good run in the nightsession but unfortunately got out of the groove caused by tireshake.

But with the two 6,39 passes earlier we're still no 3 qualifyer and we will meet Svein-Olav Rolfstad ni the first round of elimination on Sunday.

Our sponsor Håkan from Autoexperten Växjö had to come over to see the racing action live.

The excellent racesurface is causing a lot of turning discussions and crew chief Putte had a lot of work this weekend.

Above you can see Mats talking to the living legend Ray Price whos been in the nitro racing for most of his life.

A very excited rider before the night session Saturday night. Putte is making a last adjustment in the lanes just before startup.


Friday test and Pro session

Friday turned out to be a very good one for the Beast team as we put down two 6,39 passes in a row which was good enough to a no3 spot right behind Larry Mcbride and Tommy Grimes.

No major problems except a damaged slick caused by too little wheel spin as the track can take more power than we're used to. A new tire is now on the bike and we will go in Saturdays qualifying with more power and clutch and hopefully lower the performance even further!

The team all dressed up for the first Pro session Friday evening under the lights

Thanks to our sponsors and partners who have helped us out to participate in this very special event

Our fanclub all enjoys the Southern Georgia climate and the nigt racing with a lot of very nice people around

For more information and race results please visit for their excellent event coverage. Stay tuned!


More info and pics

We just want to make sure you know you can follow us on too, Ed O'Connell eurodragster´s US correspondent is at the track!

You can also click here for link direct to watch pictures taken by Ed from the race


First testrun!

Thursday was the first test day and the Beast made three runs on the track. First attempt was lost traction before the 60 foot so we serviced the bike and went out again. Next one a blown burst panel in the burnout.

A quick service and the third attempt resulted in a pass down to the finish line with big header flames all the way down. On and off the throttle a couple of times but still a 6,80s and 212 mph with 1,19 at the 60-foot marker despite an early click off.

We now have a good baseline for Fridays test and first Pro session

Alot of teams arrived to the track during the day as you can see above.

It was a big moment when the team ran on an American track for the first time

Some of the Norweigan guys choosed a Hapag-Lloyd color on their rental cars. Cool!

WT Synthetic Nitro oil to all Europen nitro bikes and the cargo arrived to the track just as planned before the first start up

Today Friday we will make two more testruns before the Pro session. Stay tuned!



Yesterday Wednesday was the day for unloading. After Per cut the seal off the container locker we all could find the bikes and equipment in excellent condition. The european bike teams spend the day building the pitarea and did some service on the bikes.

Today is it time for the first testruns on the track. We will be back with some pics and reports after the testing. Stay tuned!


On our way to Valdosta!

Update from the road to Valdosta, we stopped by at some great places as you will se from the pictures below.

Can you see the manatee?

Is it a hippo? No it's a manatee a strange animal that has lived in Florida since 45milj years!

We also stopped by a cotton field and saw some great nature on the way.


Tallahasse adventures pt2!

We met Jeppe Schough an old dragracer friend of ours. Dan his friend loaned us a bunch of Harleys and took us for a full day ride which ended with a late evening bbq at his great place, big thanks to Dan and his wife Gail for their hospitality!

Dan with some of the Swedish Swimming team!

Christina well dressed in helmet and the Swedish national team dress. The monument shows how far south the Northerners troups came before they were forced back again by the Southerns

Car yard in the middle of nowhere

Old trucks never dies!


Tallahasse adventures!

On our way to Tallahassee we stopped by Hagens Cove in the middle of nowhere. Back home we're used to straight highways but over here it's a different thing because they never end!

We have seen some impressive animals and above you can see a baby alligator in the hands of a swedish girl. We will be back with more travel reports so stay tuned!



We are now on our way to Tallahassee to meet up with L-O and Annelie for more adventures. It's very far between the towns now and wee see lots of swamp everywhere

We stayed at a motel for the night and this truck caught our eyes, you never see one of those home in Sweden!


Clearwater Beach

After leaving Orlando we stopped by Jay Regan at Murdoch Racing Enterprice in clearwater Beach. Jay booked us a nice hotel right on the Beach and we all had a fantastic evening just by the water.

We also met up with Rikard Gustavsson and had a nice dinner together. Now we will head north along the west coast and meet up again in Tallahassee. Stay tuned!


First update from the US!

The adventure has started and above part of the crew are gathered before a trip in Wild Willys airboats just outside Orlando where we discovered alligators and Eagles. The first evening was spent in Disney Down Town. Next stop Will be Sea worldwide Orlando. Stay stuned!


Next stop Orlando

Per and the Beast Drag Bike crew together with girlfriends and wifes will fly over to the US on Wednesday the 31:st of October. We will spend 2-3 days in the Orlando area before stopping by Clearwater on the west coast where we`ve been invited by Jay Regan, owner of Murdoch Racing Enterprises. He`s also the Promoter of the Haltech World Finals at Valdosta.

We`ll try to post some short reports from our journey before we arrive to South Georgia Motorsports Park on the 6:th of November. Then we will build our pit area togehter with all the other European teams. Thursday and the first half of Friday we will be testing the bike on track to be prepared before the first Pro session on Friday evening. All track action can be follwed on Stay tuned!


Eurodragster covers the Valdosta event

We are delighted to announce that US Correspondent Ed O`Connell will be at Valdosta and is planning to send daily reports, pit notes and pictures which you will be able to view at during the raceweekend.

We have been asked how to follow the race and the answer is just as usual. Just check!

Pictured to the left above is Ed in one of his interviews at the track, this time with Jörgen Leanders, co owner of Leanders Bros TM/FC dragracingteam.


The cargo ship is on it´s way

All the riders with their bikes gathered at the Flexoart facility before the loading. With the Norwegian teams arriving Friday night it took us just six hours on Saturday during the past weekend to complete the interior of the Hapag-Lloyd container.

DHL Global solutions is taking care of all logistics and the shipping company Hapag-Lloyd helped us with a brand new 40-foot container for the transport over the Antlantic.

The loading of the container went as planned and we where very satisfied with the result. The ship left Sweden today and will arrive at the Savannah harbor on Georgias East Coast in about four weeks time. The cargo will then be transported to South Georgia Motorsports Park by truck and trailer.

Per and Jan Sturla talks about the coming trip overseas and everyone involved are very much looking forward to the Manufacturers World Cup in November.


US plan expands

Pictured above are the two current European record holders in Super Twin Top Fuel Bike, Per Bengtsson 223,70 mph and Svein Olav Rolfstad 6,409 s, who both will attend the Manufacturers World Cup at Valdosta, Georgia in November.

The US container will contain another European dragbike team as Norwegian Super Twin Bike rider Trond Jostein Hoiberget has decided to join us on this exciting adventure. With Jan Sturla Hegre(STB) and Rikard Gustafsson (FB) already on the list whe are now five European dragbikes that will be on the startline at the South Georgia Motorsport Park 8-11:th of November.


Too much power

Sundays first elimination round did not go our way as we went out against Samu Kemppainen once again with traction problems. We tried to run really fast this weekend but despite a superb track surface we didn´t managed to get down the power to the track. We suspect a tyre problem to be one of the reasons for missed traction.

Now we´ll focus one hundred percent on the US trip in November where Norwegian Super Twin Bike riders Svein Olav Rolfstad and Jan Sturla Hegre as well as Swedish Funny Bike rider Rickard Gustafsson will join us during this adventure. The container will leave Sweden the 26:th of September and we´re working very hard now to find fundings to cover the costs.

Top Fuel Bike rider Peter Svensson made history during the weekend with a new world record run when 5,709 showed up on the scoreboard. Svein Olav Rolfstad set a new backed up ET record in Super Twin Bike with 6,409. Congrats from the Beast team to both riders!


Eliminations at Tierp

Saturdays qualifayling was not according to plan with problems to hook up the tyre to the track. We are no 6 in the list with 6,69 and we´re up against Samu Kemppainen in the first elimination round. We have a good idea how to improve the performance and we´ll see the result in a few hours.

The elimination starts 09.10 with the first round in Pro Modified and we will have our first round at about 11.00. Stay tuned!

The Beast pit was visited by a lot of guests who got a presentation of the thrill of Nitrobike racing.

Saturdays qualifaying was seen by a lot of spectators who got a very good show on the track in nice summer weather.


Friday at Tierp Arena

The first qualifaying round Friday morning ended up in tyre smoke after a few meters out from the startline. On the second round we put down a 6,69 run good enough for the second spot so far. When Saturdays two sessions is over and done we will be better than that. Stay tuned!


Tierp Arena

During this weekend's upcoming Scandinavian Internationals at Tierp Arena the goal for the Beast team is to set a new European ET record once and for all, if the weather cooperates. As the event title defender (winner at Tierp in June 2011 and June 2012) the ambition is of course a third final and hopefully the winners trophy in Per's hand on Sunday afternoon, but with eighteen bikes entered you can't take anything for granted. We also hope that our visiting guests will experience some very exciting racing during the weekend, don't forget to stop by our pit!

Don't forget to keep an eye on smarttv who will be live streaming in HD during the whole weekend click here for link


Exciting times in Norway

It´s been a while since we raced a 16-bike ladder but as number one qualifayer we took on Olstad in the first round on Sunday and despite some traction problems went through to meet Ismo Mäenpää in the next round. A 6,63 was good enough against Ismos 7,05.

Semifinal competitor was Jan Sturla Hegre who suffered problems after the burn out. That left us a good chance to back up the earlier 6,38 run but unfortenately the track couldn´t hold the power with tyresmoke as a result. The final against Samu Kemppainen was later rained out. Despite no backing up of the recordtime we are very satisfied with the weekend as we learned a lot about our new clutch set up. We also set a new pb on the 1/8-mile with 4,21 seconds and together with the 301 km/h at the same distance at Tierp Arena in June, we´re now closer to be competitive during our American tour in November.

A very happy crew on the startline when the new personal best 6,38 run turned up on the scoreboard! We`ll do our best to repeat the numbers and set a new European record during the Scandinavian Nationals at Tierp Arena 23-26 of August. Don`t miss it!

For the first time two paralelltwin nitro bikes faced each other in Sundays eliminations. Long time friend Gerard Willemse is the creator of Hans Olav Olstads amazing new bike Thunderstruck and are also very much involved in Ian Kings TF Bike.


New PB at Gardermoen!

The beast in to the 6.30 zone! The first run showed a 1.16 60-foot time but then tyresmoke again. A new set of clutchdiscs to the next round ended up in a 6.59 time. As the last pair in the last session we set the level with storming 6.38 run despite the throttle off after 5.7 seconds! We knew this was coming but it sure was nice to see on the scoreboard! Everything looks new on the bike and we look forward to race Olstad in Sundays first round. The first elimination round betweeen two paralelltwin bikes ever! Stay tuned!


Gardermoen update

The Beast made one run today with tyre smoke after 70metres. The 60 foot time 1.16 was an improvement in the right direction though. Back in the pits we where unable to turn around the engine. After an intense troubleshooting we found a bolt behind the beltpulley on the crank that had changed it's position and was hitting the pulley. Because of this we skipped the second run and will be back tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Gardermoen Norway

The Beast Team is currently on the way to the dragchallenge in Norway - Gardemoen. It is the last competition in the nordic challenge super twin. It will be a 16 bike ladder and for you who can't visit the track you can watch a live stream of the event at this site the stream will start at 11:00 CET on friday

We will post our progress during the weekend as well so stay tuned!


Testing in Norway

After a summary of the Sweden International´s at the Tierp track the Beast team has decided to run the Drag Challenge race at Gardermoen Raceway in Norway 3-5:th of August. We will use this weekend as a testsession before the next FIA/UEM event at Tierp the 23:rd-25:th of August. -Gardermoen is always a fast track and I we think we will get a lot of runs during the weekend if the weather stays in shape, says Per.

The ambition is still to improve the 60-foot times and the first 100 meters. We can see the we are very competitive from halftrack and down to the finishline. On the testagenda is a different grear ratio, test of the M/T slicks and some new ideas in the clutch department.


Second win in a row

After almost two days of raining the track crew managed to start eliminations as late as 15.30 in the afternoon. The race was run in a very hectic tempo and was completed with the Top Fuel final around nine o´clock in the evening!

We met alternative Jacka Riemer in the first round and Per took the win despite an on and off throttle run. In the semi against Jan Sturla Hegre the Beast showed it´s real capacity when 6,40-363 showed up on the scoreboard. Sturla banged his engine after the 60-foot mark.

Canadian Nate Gagnon who ran a 6,44 in the semi was our opponent in the final. Unfortenately he got problems after the burn out and had to shut off. A bye run for Per who tried to back up the 6,40 pass but went in to severe tyre shake and clicked it off at half track. Not a pretty final but still a well deserved win!

A very happy rider and crew during the prize ceremoni. This is our second win in a row at the Tierp Arena track and we´ll do what we can to continue in the same manner.

This is a nice view! Our semifinal run against Jan Sturla Hegre produced a 6,40 second time and 363 km/h in speed which in fact was 0,24 km/h too fast to be a new speed record but backs up Per´s 360.00 in qualifaying for a new European speed record. the time was five hundreds of a second below the present European record but we where not able to back that up this time.

Here you can see how the rear tyre starts to crease in one of the launches just before tyre shake occurs.Thanks to Ivan Sansom for the action photos in this news item.

Eddie Krawiec, 14-time NHRA Champion in Pro Stock Bike, visited Tierp Arena for the first time and was very impressed both of the facility and the engineering behind the Beast.

We have performed three sponsordisplays and the Sweden International´s in just two weeks and the Beast team will now have some days off over the Midsummer weekend. We will regroup next week to decide a plan for testing some new ideas and parts before the next race at Tierp Arena in August.

Finally we want say a Big Thank You to the organizers and track crew at Tierp Arena for never giving up despite all the rain and for giving us such a good race track to run on.


Saturday rained off

Saturday turned out to be a very frustrating day as the racing was halted by rain with just the last pair left in the Super Twin session. The day was called off later in the afternoon as the the rain never stopped.

Per is up against Torbjörn Svensson in the first round in todays elimination. We hope the weather is on our side this time.

The summary of Saturday was waiting. The racing was interrupted by rain just as we where going to race as the last pair in the third session.

We had 20 guests who paid the Beast team a visit during Saturday which unfortenately was badly effected by rain. Per explains some of the technology behind a Super Twin Nitro dragbike for the sponsors.

Our long time parts supplier Jarmo Pulkkinen made a visit to the Beast pit together with Donnie Bender, former crewchief for Brandon Bernstein.

Nitro Funny Car driver Leif Helander made an appreciated explenation how a Fuel Funny Car works for our visiting sponsors. In true Helander manner the car was fired on Nitro wich made a huge impression on the guests.


New speed record

Per had to shut off the throttle during the first run today as the bike went towards the centerline after about 100 meters.

In the second round the Beast produced another new personel best speed with 6,48 seconds and 360 km/h! That´s 2 km/h over the current European Speed record despite a rather bad 60-foot time at 1,26 seconds.

You always need a good breakfast to be sucessful during the day. Our sponsor Per Andersens Restauranger are really taking good care of the whole Beast Team during Sweden International´s at Tierp Arena.

Mats is doing some service to the heads to be prepared for Saturdays qualifaying. Our plan for tomorrow is an assault on the european record for Super Twin Top Fuel Bike. Don´t miss the racing and watch this site for uppdates.


Persåkers Speedshop

Per and the Beast team was the main attraction during Persåkers Speedshop`s Fräna Fiket where the coolest bike of the evening was selected. After a popular warm up on nitro Per and Jöran handed over the winners trophy to the winner Lasse Sundberg from Upplands Väsby. His incredible Husqvarna Custom from 1921 was a true show stopper.

Jöran Persåker took the opportunity to try out what it`s like to drive a Super Twin Top Fuel Bike. He will continue his career in a race car after all.

Both Jöran and Per is now all settled at the Tierp Arena track for this weekends Sweden Internationals. Don`t miss the action or if you`re not able to attend please check this site for race reports over the weekend!


Hard work with good result

There has been a lot of hours in the Bentec work shop with just two weeks to repair the damages from the chain malfunction. A new and even more steady chain cover is now on the bike. The chassie has been fixed and the backhalf is now aligned together with the engine and gearbox to make sure everything is in exactly right position. We also had to fix the right hand side of the body as well beacause of damage from the lost chain.

After finishing all the repairs we made two sponsor displays two days in a row together with Autoexperten Växjö and Bilservice Åseda. Included was a very appreciated warm up with a lot of nitro in the air.

Per and L-O takes a little rest during Saturdays sponsor display and sits down in front of our four Championship title trophys.

The Beast team gathered in the shutdown area at the Tierp Arena track. The very same track that will host the upcoming Sweden Internationals the coming weekend.

We have 22 bikes entered for an 8-bike ladder and the tough competition inspire us to run even faster. As the event title defender the Beast needs to prove it´s capacity. We will also stop by Persåkers Speedshop on Wednesday evening for a display during Fräna Fikets Coolest Bike event. Don`t hesitate to stop by if you´re in the area!


Chain damage

On the last qualification round this morning we went up in smoke straight off the startline. In the first eliminations against Top Gas rider Janne Gustavsson Per once again had problems with traction from the startline but went for it again and won the run with 7,82-254 km/h.

Unfortenately the chain lock broke during the run and the chain went off the bike and caused severe damage to the backhalf of the chassie, the reartyre and the body. The good thing was that the chaincover did what is supposed to do and Per was ok after the run. Because of the damage there will not be any more rounds today for the Beast.


Promising start

We made three rounds today in very warm weather with promising results. On the second run we ran 6,65 and 339 km/h despite some traction problems at halftrack.

The track improved during the afternoon and on the third run we produced a 6,72 with a speed of 354 km/h. That´s a new personal best (earlier pb 348 km/h) and just 4 km/h from the European record! The front wheel was airborn all the way down and the bike ran straight as an arrow.

One more round of qualifaying will be run tomorrow and then eliminations will start at lunchtime. We hope to improve the performance even further. Stay tuned!


Fire up

The first warm up of the Beast for this season went as planned with no fuel or oil leaks. We have quite a few changes to the set up and the bike sounds really strong.

Spring Wheel Nat´s at Tierp Arena will go ahead Friday 25:th and Saturday 26:th of May. The racebus leaves from Klippan on Thursday at lunchtime. We will publish short reports from the track on Friday and Saturday evening. Stay tuned!


New display

Here you can see a preview of how our new sponsor Persåkers Speedshops logo will be displayed on the drivers leathersuite. A perfect angle when the TV-camera follows the bike in to the stage position.

Our first race on the Tierp Arena track the 25-26:th of May closes up. The bike is scheduled to be fired up for the first time next weekend. At the same time we`ll load the bus with all necessary equipment. Stay tuned!


It´s coming together

It´s hectic times in the Bentec work shop. Per has a very busy business schedule which means that he will be in Germany for the first two and a half weeks of May. Therefore the bike needs to be as raceready as possible before he leaves Sweden.

The engine is coming together nicely. The crank has been modified which means that we now can change the balance ratio between rounds. A new camshaft designed and manufactured by Johannes Persson Motorsport in Helsingborg will also help us on our way to even better performance.

Above you can see the newly designed chain slide which will help the chain to stay in place. The work in the shop will continue over the coming weekend both on the bike and the racebus. We will keep you informed about the progress. Stay tuned!


New sponsor

We are happy to welcome Persåkers Speed Shop as a new sponsor of the Beast dragbike team for the 2012 season. Persåkers Speed Shop, located just 40 minutes south west of Stockholm in the village of Åkers Styckebruk, will provide the team with high quality spareparts during the coming season.

The Beast dragbike team will also be on site Wednesday evening the 13:th of June when Persåkers Speed Shop during Fräna Fiket announces "The coolest Bike" of the evening. The visitors will be able to smell nitro in the air when we warm up the Beast during the evening. Don´t miss it!


Busy times in the workshop

The work continues in the Bentec shop. All spares from the US has been ordered and Per has just finished inhouse manufactured cylinder sleeves made of harder steel quality then we have used before. Some very interesting ideas concerning the crank has also been made and we expect it back from the balance shop in time for the coming weekend.

Here you can see the parallel engine that so far has produced a personal best of 6,47 seconds over the quartermile. We hope that our new ideas especially in the fuel system area will help us in the chase for the European record. The team will gather in the workshop during the Eastern weekend. We´ll give you a report on the progress. Stay tuned!


Thunderstruck goes North

Our tentpartner Hans-Olav Olstad took delivery of the new Thunderstruck chassie and several spare parts when Gerard Willemse met up at the new Bentec facility. Gerard is working very hard in his Netherland based workshop to manufacture the last parts and pieces on his own designed parallel twin nitro engine that Olstad has purchased.

The ambition is to have the new bike ready for the upcoming season where Olstad will make as many testruns as possible to be able to develop the unique engine combination for the future.

Hans-Olav takes a first look on the exhaustpipe design. As you can see there are some work left before take off but a lot of hours has gone by in the Norwegian workshop since this picture was taken a couple of weeks ago. The Beast Drag Bike Team wish the Olstad Team good luck in development of the Thunderstruck parallel nitro engine dragbike.


Elite Rider Badge 2012

After 35 years of Nitro Drag Bike racing the Swedish Motorcycle Federation SVEMO rewards Per Bengtsson with the Elite Rider Badge, also known as Stora Grabbars Märke. The medal will be awarded during SVEMOS Federation meeting the 14:th of April.


Racer of the Year

Per was awarded as Racer of the Year 2011 during Feringe Hot Rod Associations annual meeting. All attending members was shown a slideshow during the evening with a summary of the UEM Championship season from a Beast perspective. Per has been running under the Feringe HRA banner since the early ninetys. Photo: Krister Karlsson.


New season-new challenge

The Beast team has decided to run the following events the coming season. We´ll start at Tierp Arena 25-26 of May during the first STB Nordic Challenge race. A perfect test before the FIA/UEM race at Tierp Arena the 14-17:th of June. We´ll be back at Tierp the 23-26:th of August for the second Swedish FIA/UEM round.

We also have the Gardemoen race as an alternative if we want some more runs. Our ambition is to continue the season in the United States where we aim to run the Manufacturers Cup at South Georgia Motorsport Park, Valdosta, the 8-11:th of November. We´ll let you know when a final decision has been made.

The work in the Bentec raceshop has started with improvements to get the Beast dragbike down the track faster then ever before. We will describe some of the different modifications and changes we have on the agenda in the next update. Stay tuned!


Season Greetings

Per and the Beast drag bike team wish all our friends, fans and associates a Merry Christmas and a good and exciting 2012! We will take a few days off and spend some quality time with friends and family. We´ll be back with more news about our plans for next season as soon as the new year starts. Take care!


Next season

The Beast team has decided to run all events at Tierp Arena the coming season. To be able to run as much as four events at the same concrete track gives us an unique chance to increase the performance to a new level. Two Championship rounds will be held at the Tierp track, one in June and another round in August.

That gives our fans and sponsors good possibilitys to visit the Arena and enjoy an excellent racing experience. We will post the racedates as soon as they are official. Stay tuned!

As mentioned earlier we have an ambition to race in the US during the fall next year and compete against the best in the business. We think that the events at Tierp Arena will give us the right conditions to be competitive at the other side of the pond.


Team celebration

Team owner Per and his wife Christina invited all team members for a celebration of the sucessful 2011 season over the weekend in their hometown of Klippan. After a ride through town with the teambus the whole gang went to the local pub for a fantastic dinner and continued to Pers place for a long night of memorys and storytelling.

Right now we are investigating the possibilities to run in the US during the fall next year and some selected races in Europe during the summer. We will make a decision as soon as the complete racecalender for next year is all set.

Our crewchief Putte Tydinger went through with an impressive analyse of the technical side of the season as well as some ideas to go even faster down the track next year.

The Beast team members together with the European Championship Super Twin Bike Trophy. The fourth title with the famous paralell twin.


Coming up

The coming week Speedgroup will publish Newsletter no 16 where this years Champions gives their view of the season. You`ll find it at under "Newsletter". The Beast teammembers will all gather during the coming weekend for a summary of the season and of course celebrate the Title victory! We will also discuss the plans for next year and we will let you know when decisions have been made. Stay tuned!

Since Per is known to manufacture most of his parts in his own workshop at Bentec Engineering this picture speeks for itself...


The Beast on TV

Have you checked out the TV-show from the European Finals at Santa Pod? If not you´ll find it at Speedgroups website There you will also find Speedgroup newsletter no 15 where Per is interviewed about the Euro Finals win. If you look at SVT play Sportnytt Monday the 19:th September at 22.00 in the evening you´ll also get to see a quick summary of the Finals. Photo by Ivan Sansom.

Per warming up the rear tire during the Euro Finals. Photo by Ivan Sansom.

Cought on camera! For once our good friend and top notch photographer Stefan Boman was on the other side of the photo lens talking with Per and Christina during the prize ceremony party at Santa Pod.


Sweet taste of victory

A lot of media interest has been shown around the Beast Drag Bike Team after we came back to Sweden. Coverege in SVT sportchannel, local papers, motorsportsmedia and a lot of greetings from friends and partners. We want to say a big thank you to all our supporters! The photo above is taken by Stefan Boman.

All actionphotos in this news item is taken by our good friend and photojournalist Ivan Sansom who always support the sport in a good way.

It´s not very often you´re able to qualifay as number one....

....and to set Low ET of the event, clinching the Championship Title and win the race, all done during the same raceweekend. The team will for sure remember the European Finals 2011 for a long time.

Per in one of the hard launches during the event where we recorded a personel best 60 foot time in the final with 1,07 seconds!

The whole team will gather at the end of October for a summary of the season and to make some decisions for next year. We will let you all know when we have something to present. The Beast will be back at the racetracks again in some form that´s for sure.


Four time European Champions!

What a weekend for the Beast team! After earning the no 1 qualifaying spot with 6,60 seconds in the fastest Super Twin Bike ladder ever, (bump spot at a record level 6,77 seconds), we didn´t have much to rely on going in to the eliminations. The resurfaced startline was a big problem during qualifaying and we just had tyre shake and smoke on Saturday. Despite these issues we believed the track should improve for Sunday and after a lot of tuning discussions we went out and produced a 6,49 second run against Samu Kemppainen in the first round who lost with a 6.79

Just as we thought the track was back in normal Santa Pod shape again. In the semi we once again had a real nice side by side race against Australian Mark Ashelford which Per won with 6,53 against a loosing 6,73. On the other side of the ladder Koedam went out against Aasen and that meant that the Championship title was going to Sweden! The photo above is shot by Stefan Boman.

When we clinched the Championship title in the semifinal we gave a shot for the European record going in to the final against Ronny Aasen. The Beast left the startline with a storming 1,07 seconds 60-foot time (a new personel best) and was on to a recordpass but unfortenately the chain left the bike after about 80 metres. In the other lane Aasen blew his engine right after the 60-foot marker and Per rolled over the finishline first in a very unusal final.

After the final the whole team was entering the podium where Per got the winnergoblet for the European Finals 2011.

Here are the Super Twin Bike Champion together with the second man in the points Roel Koedam, who ended his career this weekend, and the third man Hans-Olav Olstad.

A very happy Beast team celebrating our fourth Super Twin Championship title! After all the problems we`ve had during the last races this was really a nice payback!

Per was also the winner of our internal Tent Championship between Olstad Racing and the Beast Team and received a present from our Norwegian friends. In return Hans-Olav got a Beast Team shirt signed by all crewmembers.


Update from the Pod

Through to the final with a 6,53 semiwin over Ashelford who ran 6,79. Ronny Aasen took out Koedam which means that we are 2011 Super Twin Champions! We'll meet Aasen in the final and we will take a shot against the European record.


The European Finals Qualifying

The Beast is number 1 qualifier after two sessions with 6,60seconds. We had a minor piston damage and decided to skip the second round to put in new cylindersleeves to increase the leakage. The track have a new surface on the startline which we think will improve for tomorrow.


The European Finals battle

The racebus is now on the ferry from Denmark heading for England and the European Finals at Santa Pod Raceway. Once again an impressive entrylist with eighteen bikes qualifaying for an eight bike ladder. Four teams are so close in points that the Championship title is an open battle.

A good guess is that it will take low 6,50 runs to be able to qualifay in the top half. And to make it to the final that´s where you need to be. We will definitely do everything in our power to bring home the trophy to Sweden! Follow our progress on who will have livereport coverege from the event. You´ll also find short reports from each day on this site. Stay tuned!


Well prepared for the Finals

The careful analyse of our earlier problems that has been with us for the last couple of races has resulted in the change of new ignitionparts, new pistons and some other items that will give results at the upcoming Finals at Santa Pod.

On top of that we will also add some new ideas to the tune up which we have not been able to do earlier this season. Now is the right time to launch these in the battle for the 2011 Championship title!

Per prepares the new pistons before they are assembled on the rods. We have new ones in the engine and several spares with us if we need to change between rounds.

Here Eric puts a final touch to the cylinder sleeves before new pistons are going back in to the engine. Set works with the updated ignitionsystem which includes new wires, new boxes and several spares to avoid problems during the coming race.


Trubleshoot and analyse

Since the Hockenheim race a lot of hours have been spent analyse almost every single run during the last two seasons to find a reasonable cause of the problems we suffered. We know we have a critical engine rpm at 6000 rpm where the fuelpressure tends to go up and down. Therefore we always leave the startline with a rpm at 5500-5800 and when the clutch has locked up we "drive through" the critical rpm and avoid problems.

When we now runs our three step clutch which works perfectly, we tends to land at 6000 rpm out from the startline which causes the fuelpressure to go up and down with a difference at 150 psi. The pressure peaks causes damage to both the pistons and the cylindersleeves and therefore we will now run the clutch a little differently to avoid the 6000 rpm range in the start. We will also change some settings in the fuel set up and to be absolutely sure we have full power in the ignition system we will change some of the ignition boxes and cables too.

After we´ve gone through what parts we need to order to be competitive during the Finals at Santa Pod we now wait for a delivery from Jarmo Pulkkinen. New pistons have been made for us and several parts in the ignition system is on it´s way to Sweden. We expect to have the parts in our shop at the beginning of the coming week.

Here you can clearly see unburned fuel coming out from the headers during the launch. That means the engine is running too rich on the fuelside and you loose power.

Per never miss an opportunity to compete and while waiting in the staging lanes he did show the German fans who´s the strongest man with a sledgehammer.


Big frustration in Germany

Despite engine problems the Beast was no 2 qualifayer with a 6,67 second run and we was up against Joachim "Acka" Riemer in the first round of eliminations who stood in for Jan Sturla Hegre which was forced to leave walk over after hurting the crank during the Friday.

Per left the startline straight as an arrow but drifted towards the centerline at halftrack and was forced to lift the throttle. Despite going for it again Acka reached the finishline first and took the win by six hundreds of a second! Big frustration in the team especially as first qualifayer and main contender for the Championship title Roel Koedam also went out in the first round. We are still in the pointslead but lost one point to Koeadam who now is just 14 points behind. This means a big pressure on us at Santa Pod and big entertainment for the fans.

The team suffered engine problems which caused us to change pistons after nearly each round since the engine runs too rich on the fuelside despite the right settings. We think that the problem is caused by the ignitionsystem giving too low power and we suspect it has been with us since the beginning of the race in Norway.

It´s not a good situation with just the European Finals left on the Championship tour and the whole team will meet later in the week to try to solve the issues and order the necessary parts to be able to run fast at Santa Pod in September.

The Hockenheim facility is an impressive site and the grandstands gives the quartermile a real stadium feeling. There are over 45 000 visitors during the NitrOlympX weekend. Unfortunately the time ran out on the Sunday which was effected by rain and the race was closed right after the semifinals.

Per is having a chat with Åsa and Aila from Speedgroup who do an outstanding job when it comes to promote and administrate the FIA/UEM European Championship.


Last qualifying rounds

The Beast holds the second spot with 6,67 and Koedam no. 1 with 6,56 when the qualifying was finished. We will race the 1st alternativ in Sundays first round. Stay tuned.


Hockenheim update

After a rainy morning and a long day of waiting the organizers managed to give us two rounds on Friday. The Beast hold the no. 3 spot with 6,79 which we hope to improve tomorrow. Stay tuned.


On our way to Hockenheim

After just a few days at home the Beast team are now on their way to Hockenheim in Germany for the 6:th round of the UEM Championship. Some of the crewmembers are already in Germany for some seightseeing before the raceweekend. The competition in the class is tougher than ever and we will do everything we can to keep our pointslead in the Championship. All photos in this news from Ivan Sansom.

Here is another great shot from Gardermoen with Australian Mark Ashelford right beside the Beast. The Aussie team have impressed so far with new personal best ET at almost every race.

NitrOlympX at Hockenheim Ring will have an online event coverege on the excellent newssite We will also post short reports here after each raceday. Stay tuned!


Drag Challenge rained out

As the Friday was washed out the qualifications where down to three rounds on Saturday and included several upsets. Both Hegre and Olstad as well as Jäger where outside the ladder. But Swede Greger Johansson was no 5 qualifayer with a 6,86.

The Beast team where forced to change pistons, cyl head, grind the cyl sleeves, replace a sprag in the gearbox, change to a different fuel setup between the second and third round and still managed to get ready in time. The result was 6.60 pass, good enough for the no 1 spot. Sadly Sundays eliminations was rained out which was very frustrating as the air was good and the bike really where on the move.

Gerard Willemse, Super Twin Champion in 1998, is very much involved in Ian Kings new Top Fuel Bike and a long time friend to Per and the Beast team. He is except from Per the only one who built his own designed parallel twin nitro engine.

Our tentpartner Hans-Olav Olstad did not qualify in Norway but never went to bed as a hungry man.



Just when Super Twin eliminations where about to start the rain came back to Gardemoen and continued throughout the whole day, so the organizers were forced to cancel the eliminations. A big shame as we where on the move for some good numbers.


Update from qualifying rounds

After the third qualifying round The Beast holds the no. 1 spot with 6,60 second. That was done after a massive team effort between the second & third round as we changed pistons, grinded the cyl. sleeves, changed cyl. head and made a change in the fuel setup. Still ready in time and ended the day as no 1. Stay tuned for tomorrow!



After one round of Junior Dragster and a Few Sportsman cars ther ain started to fall. Unfortunately it never stopped and the day was called off at 16:00. Tomorrow looks more promising and we will run at 10:00 & 14:00. Stay tuned!


Next stop Gardermoen Norway

The team are now on their way to Gardermoen Raceway in Norway, one of the fastest racetracks on the Championship tour. Once again 19 entrys in the class and very tough competition as the pointsrace tightens up. We have stepped up the power and will try to run real fast and hopefully lower our PB from last year which is 6,47 seconds. Short reports will be published over the weekend and don´t forget the racecoverege on


The Beast goes street racing

Straight after the Tierp race Per and part of the team went down to Poland and the Verva Street Race event in Warszawa. Together with all kind of motorsport stars Per made his first street race appearance during an amazing event.

The trip to Warszawa was done in cooperation with Malmgren Pro Stock Racing and Dragracing was represented by Micke Malmgren, Per Bengtsson and Pro Mod driver Micke Lindahl. All three of them ran a 2 kilometer long circle track in downtown Warszawa.

Christina, Mats and Kenta from Malmgren Racing chills out in the pits before the race started in front of a huge crowd. The event was visited by approximately 70 000 spectators!

The event had a large media coverege and the Beast certainly drew a lot of attention.


Dragracing on TV

Have you seen the excellent TV-coverege of the Championship? If not you will find them published one week after each race at the website. Make yourself comfortable, raise the volume and enjoy the action!

Speedgroup is doing an outstanding job for the sport of dragracing and here Åsa Kinnemar interviews Per after the win at Tierp Arena. You can read more about Speedgroup and their efforts at


Preparation for two in a row

The Beast team prepares for two race in a row as Gardermoen and Hockenheim is just a few weeks ahead. Everything on the bike is checked after the Alastaro race and we have ordered som more pistonrings and two cylinder sleeves from Jarmo Pulkkinen in California.

We damaged one cylinder in Finland when the oil pressure caused us some problems. The problem is solved and we want to replace one sleeve and keep one as a spare. Thanks to Ivan Sansom for the pictures in this news item.

Per in one of his "Funny Car-style" burn outs at the Alastaro circuit.

Three races still left on the Championship tour which will be decided on some of Europes fastest race tracks! With the high level of competition this will be an exciting battle for the Championship title. Dont´t miss it!


Hot Racing in Finland

The plan for the Alastaro race was to earn as much points as possible and that was accomplished as we now are the pointsleader in the championship. That gives us a good situation before going in to the next race at Gardermoen in August.

Nitro Nat´s could be compared to Greece when it comes to temperatures around 33 degrees during Saturday and Sunday leaving the teams to deal with extremely bad air.

The eliminations where delayed by thunderstorms which damaged the timing system on the track. The result was that the racing on Sunday did not start until 3 pm after a long day of waiting.

During the Main Event we lost a small bolt from the rocker arms stand on the cylinder head which we never found. Since that the oilpressure has decreased every run especially under hot weather. Saturday night we finally found it located in the oilpump. The oilpressure problem is now solved!

In the effort of producing more power we destroyed three sets of headers during the weekend.



Sundays eliminations started well with a winning 6,82 over a loosing Mark Ashelford that ran a 6,98. In the semi we raced against Roel Koedam. Despite a 6,74 Koedam won with 6,65 and was the winner of the event when he beat Salakari in the final. Even though we lost in the semi this weekend was a big step forward in the championship as we now are pointsleader.


Update from Finland

After the fourth qualifying round the Beast hold the no. 3 spot with 6,75. Kodeam is no. 2 and Jaska Salakari no. 1 with 6,69. For the second time in a row it's an all 6 ssecond ladder with the bumpspot at 6,95 seconds. Tomorrow we're up against Mark Ashelford from Australia in the first round. Still very hot conditions and all nitrotream are struggling to find power under this circumstances. Stay tuned!



The Beast is no. 1 qualifierwith 6,75 after Fridays two sessions. We got a puncture on the rear tyre on the first run and had to change to a new one. On the next run the bike went towards the centerline and Per had to shut off. Very hot weather and a sunny sky.


Preparations before Finland

The fourth race in the UEM-calender FHRA Nitro Nat´s at the Alastaro racetrack in Finland is closing up. After the finalrace at Tierp arena we discovered a severe burned out piston and a damaged cylindersleeve caused by fuelcavitation at a certain rpm.

We think this was a combination of high fuel pressure, a lot of rpm and hot weather. To avoid this we have lowered the fuel pressure and slowed down the fuelpump speed with 7%. We hope this will solve the problem and we aim to qualify at the top half of the list in Finland. Please follow our progress during the weekend on through their excellent event coverege. Stay tuned!


More action from Tierp Arena

We want to share some really nice action photos from Sweden Internationals at Tierp Arena with our racefans. All the photos are shot by our good friend Ivan Sansom.

Mats shove back the bike after the burnout.

Per in a nice launch with the front airborne.

The Beast with headerflames and the throttle wide open.

A very nice shot on the Beast leaving the startline with the front tyre in the air.

Per in front of the grandstands right after the final against Mark Ashelford from Australia.


Historical win at Sweden Internationals

In Sundays first elimination round per took out Lorenz Stauble with a 6,52 against Lorenz 6,74. In the semifinal we should have raced Jaska Salakari but he was forced to a walk over and we got a semi solo. We then put on some more clutch to see what the track could take, but the result was lost traction after the 60-foot.

In the final against Australian Mark Ashelford we tryed to repeat the 6,52 with just a little more power. Per was first out of the gate but after 100 meter the bike started to loose traction and immediately Per shifted to next gear and was lucky enough to hook to the track just to get hold of the win. The numbers where a winning 6,69 against a loosing 6,91!

The summary of Sweden Internationals at the impressive Tierp Arena is that we was no 3 qualifayer among 20 bikes with the bumpspot at 6,79 seconds. The quickest field in the class so far! We managed to handle the track and to take the first Super Twin trophy at this new track. We want to thank our sponsors and the people behind this new facility which will take European Dragracing to a new level.

A very happy driver in the winner circle during the prize ceremony together with Australian Mark Ashelford.

Per was interviewed just before the final and was asked what he thought of the outcome. The answer was "A swedish event needs a swedish winner!"

A very happy Beast dragbike team after we won the final in the toughest Super Twin Bike field ever in Europe. Set Pettersson is missing since he was forced to stay at home because of business commitments.

Here is our opponent in the final Mark Ashelford who has come all the way from Australia to compete in the European Championship!

After the finals all the winners cars and bikes where displayed in front of the grandstands.

Per and Jan at the grandstands together with our long time friend and US parts supplier Jarmo Pulkkinen.


Exciting start at Tierp Arena

Per and the team are now based on the the new fanstastic racingfacility Tierp Arena one hour north of Stockholm for the third round of the Championship. After two rounds of qualifaying the Beast team holds the no 6 spot with a 6,87 secong run. We have used a soft clutch setup today and for tomorrow we will step up both the clutch and power since we think the track will improve even more from today. Stay tuned.

The team waiting for the second round of qualifaying at the amazing Tierp Arena track.


Main Event rained out

The team are now back in Sweden after a rained out Main Event in England. We where no 3 qualifayer with a 6,72 second run before the eliminations was completely washed out.

We now just have a few days before the bus leaves for the next race at Tierp Arena. We will do some work in the shop over the weekend and the main focus is to add a third step in the clutch control management system. Then we will be able to engage the clutch in three steps during a run, instead of two. We hope to improve the performance and we all look forward to run on a brand new racing facility at Tierp. See you at the track!

Håkan Persson, the owner of Autoexperten Växjö, stayed with us over the weekend and was glad to give us a helping hand.

As mentioned the track at Santa Pod can take almost everything you throw at it and here you can see the reartyre after three runs on the track. We had to put on a new one for the next run.

Our tentpartner Hans-Olav Olstad shows how to work with a Harley Drag Bike.


Santa Pod update.

After the last round of qualifying The Beast hold the no 3 spot with a 6,72 second run. The track has been hard to get hold on and a lot of the teams have struggled. Unfortunately Mondays eliminations was rained off and the race was canceled late in the afternoon.


On our way to Santa Pod

Everything is now ready for the Main Event at Santa Pod this weekend. All spareparts and equipment are loaded in the racebus and like many other teams on the Championship tour we now hope the vulcanic ashes will not interfere the flights to the UK.

The ambition in the race is to qualify in the top half of the ladder. With 15 bikes on the entry list it will be tough but we will do everything we can to be able to bring home as much championship points as possible. You can follow our progress on


Successful test in Malmoe

The team spent this weekend at Malmoe Raceway for a testsession before the next race in England. The mission was to confirm the new Bentec clutch control system on a track with good traction. After three sessions the 60-fot time was set to 1,11 seconds and the G-force straight from the startline was 2,6 G! A new G-force record that was constant as long as Per hold the throttle down.

This is a big step in the right direction in our ambtition to step up the performance even further. After the three runs on Saturday we did all the maintenance on the bike and it´s now raceready for the Main Event at Santa Pod coming up next weekend. A big thank you to SRIF in Malmoe for giving us the opportunity to run on the track despite the Cramo Nationals large entry list.


Testing before going to Santa Pod

After the race in Hungary we discovered a malfunction with the air pressure regulator from Electrimotion that we use on the fuel management system. Besides that the Racepak display was also dead. Both units where immediately sent to the United States for repair with great help from our long time parts supplier Jarmo´s Custom Auto in Costa Mesa, California. We plan to attend this weekends Cramo Nationals at Autoexperten Malmö Raceway for some testruns if the parts arrive in time. Stay tuned!


The New Beast T-shirt

On request from our racefans we now have a brand new Beast T-shirt up for sale! Take the opportunity to show who you support in the Super Twin Bike Championship. The T-shirt is designed by Stefan Boman and is produced at Lindholms Reklam. It will be sold at the racetracks during the season to the very good price of £15 or 140SEK. We are looking forward to see you at the track!


Not according to plan

Despite the softest tune up ever on the Beast we still had problems with traction during the last day of qualifaying. With an ignition as low as 40 degrees and very little weight on the clutch we managed a 7,33 run on Saturday which was good enough for the no 9:th qualifaying spot. With two more runs to go the rain suddenly ended the action and the day was called off. The result was that we ended up as first reserve and not qualified for Sundays elimination! We made the bike ready for the first round on Sunday morning but nothing unexpected happened so all that was left was to load the equipment in the bus and start the long trip back to Sweden.

Big frustration in the team because we went down to Hungary for two reasons. Collect important Championship points and to test the new Bentec clutch control system. We got nothing in return and on top of that we also suffered from several electrical problems which effected our different timing systems. The team will now solve these issues in the workshop the coming days and the focus are already set on the next race Main Event at Santa Pod, where we know we can expect an excellent race surface.


Tricky track at Kunmadaras

The Beast Team are on site at the Kunmadaras Race track in Hungary for the first race of the season. Unfortenately the track is not in UEM Championship standard during the first day of qualifying and all the teams are struggling with traction problems.

The Beast Drag Bike produced a 7,70 run and we are now on the no 7 spot after three rounds of qualifaying. We will try to get down to the finish line tomorrow and are hoping for an improved track. Stay tuned.


Tech Issue NO1 Tire Shake

Click here to view graph from The Beast onboard racepak computer and read about the tire shake issue.


On sponsordisplay

In cooperation with AB Kalvsviks Bilverkstad we displayed the Beast dragbike outside the local store in the small village of Kalvsvik on Saturday 16:th of April. The public got a chance to get a close look on the bike and to buy products from Autoexperten with a 50% discount.

How do you sit on the bike when you´re driving is a common question among newcomers to dragbike racing. Above you can see the answer by a future driver.

Set and L-O where busy explaining the thrill about Super Twin Nitro racing and why you MUST witness it live to believe it.



A look inside

For the first time we will give our racefans the opportunity to have an inside look at our 2 cyl engine block. It was manufactured at the Bentec workshop in 1992 and the fact that we now will run it for the 19:th season in a row speaks for it self.

The first picture shows the block case from below where you can see it`s been running for a while. This is the 19:th season without linehoning since the production. You also see the camshaft and lifter bearings which still holds standard size and same thing with the oil channels. The thickness of the cylinder sleeves gives a steady cylinder in the engine block.

This shot shows the incredible steady construction with the 3 bearing crankshaft in the block and with the "Donovan style" frame that works like a 4-bolt mainbearing cap. What also gives extra stability is of course the mittle bearing.

This picture shows the oil-inlet and also front side oil that helps to lubricate and chill the pistons, rods and piston pins.

Here you can see the block assembled and the camshaft position with sealings, sideoil backside and the crankshaft journal for the blowerdrive



Nitro in the air

The pre season warmup went according to plan except for a fuelleak which was discovered on the fueltank. We ran through all the management systems both on the fuelside and on the clutch. And they worked out just as we wanted. Since the bike is a bit longer after the changes on the backhalf of the chassie, we also checked the space for loading in the bus. And it was just enough clearence to lock the backcover. We still have some work to do before going to Hungary but this weekend was a big step forward.



Busy at the workshop

The whole team gathered over the weekend and did a lot of work both on the racebus and on the dragbike. Everything on the bus was cleaned and washed both on the in- and outside. We prepared for new sponsorlogos, more on that later on. The driverseat was changed and we manufactured a new grill to the front of the bus.

Mats spent most of the day in the shop working with the heads. He grinded the valveseats and assembled with new springs and valves. After a lot of workinghours over the past weeks we now plan to start the engine for a test warmup the coming weekend. We will also start to load up the bus with equipment since we will attend a sponsor display on the 16:th of April. Our ambition is to have as much as possible in raceready condition before Eastern.



Expanded crew

With seven races on the tour time is a big factor when it comes to realize our Championship ambitions for this season. Therefore we´re all very glad to welcome Eric Frank as our new teammember. Eric will assist us with the transport to Kunmadaras, Tierp, Hockenheim and European Finals at Santa Pod. He will also be a helping hand on site when it comes to the work on the bike between rounds. Eric works as a consultant in the motorindustry. He has been involved in Dragracing since 2001 and started in the Harley Drags category. In 2007 he climbed up to the Super Twin Bike class and has accomplished four seasons on the racetracks. Best ET so far is 7,72 seconds and 171 mph. Eric has just sold his bike and plans to build a new one for the 2012 season. Welcome to the Beast team Eric!


New partner

The Beast Drag Bike Team welcomes Red Line Oil onboard as our new lubricant sponsor for the 2011 season. We will use Red Line Synthetic 70WT Nitro Drag Race Oil in the parallel engine and we know we can expect very good results with this product. Red Line Oil will also provide us with technical support as well as lubricant additions.


Chassie preparations

A lot of work has been done to the backframe of the chassie. We want to move the centre of gravity forward in the chassie construction and also strengthen up the backframe. The amount of power the paralelltwin engine produce puts a lot of stress on the chassie and this work is to prevent any problems that can occur during the season. The wheelbase is now increased +100 millimeters with a total measure of 97 inch and that will make the bike easier to handle in top speeds reaching 220 miles per hour! Per measured and produced the chassieparts and Mats, the team welder, put everything together with the TIG-machine in the best possible way.


Engine swap

Running the whole European Championship tour with seven races on the schedule means a lot of mileage on the highways. To prevent problems along the the road we bought a sparebus with a much fresher engine at the end of last year. We took the drivetrain and a lot of other spare parts away and has now swapped engines. We hope to have a more reliable and stronger racebus that will take us through the Championship tour in a safe way. The first race will be Kunmadaras in Hungary 28th April-1st May.


The Beast is on the move

The Beast dragbike team are working very hard to be prepared for the intense upcoming season. We will publish updates on a weekly basis so keep an eye on our website so you don´t miss anything important.


News 2010-09-01

The Beast Team had a very succesful run at Gardemoen which resulted in a new PB!.

It was a very good confirmation from all the test sessions during the summer and the Beast Team is now looking forward to a record breaking weekend at the Santa Pod.

Pictures taken by Ivan Sansom.

Testsession before going to Mantorp Park

Per and the team spend Friday and Saturday at the Veidec Raceway track in Malmö for some testruns with the new Mickey Thompson slick. After solving an oil leak (the crank shaft sealing) Friday evening the Beast produced four runs Saturday afternoon on a very good track.

We only ran about 100 meters since we are concentrating on lowering the numbers on the first part of the run. The team feels very confident going in to the fourth round of the Championship at Mantorp Park next week. And with an entry of twenty one Super Twin Bikes competing around just eight spots in the ladder it will be an interesting weekend!

We know that many of our friends and several sponsors will visit the Beast team at Mantorp and we are looking forward to meet them all. Welcome to Mantorp Park and stop by our pitarea!

News 2010-05-26

Our plan for 2010 is to try to run quicker and faster than anybody has done before in Europe. Our goal is to set  new ET records both over the 1/8-mile as well as over the 1/4-mile. We can see a huge potential in the combination we´re running and are still working on the first 100 meters where we should be able to go about 0,1 seconds faster.

If you're gonna succeed with this ambition both the bike and the track needs to hold absolutely top standards. That means that we will concentrate on the best tracks and therefore this year we will not run in Hungary and Finland. We´re sorry for the fans especially in Hungary where we got so well treated last year for not showing up this season but if we succeed with our goals we may be back for another full Championship-tour next year.

The whole team feels that this is a new level of challenge and as always the ambition is very high. Hopefully this season will bring the answer on how fast the Beast really can go down the strip.

Tomorrow the racebus will head for Santa Pod and the Main Event, see you there folks!

We are the champions!

Picture taken by Ivan Sansom

The Champ together with the event winner Job Hezen

The Beast Team put a lot of effort and managed to do one of the biggest repair ever on the bike during a race.

A very happy mats dehn

The beast team in Kunmadaras - Hungary

Which resulted in a new event win!
The Beast team now advanced to position nr1 in the championship series but is only in the lead with a few points so the final race at Santa Pod will certainly be exciting.

Alastaro 2009, first event win since 2003!


2009-01-01 The Beast team ready to
kick-off 2009 drag racing season
with some Motorcross


 Bahrain 2005-11-10 - 2005-11-11

 After a two year time-out is ’The Beast’ once again hot  news on the drag racing scene. The team has been  invited to the exhibition race in Bahrain together with  12 other European teams, all to all 6 bike- and 7 car  teams. The race is a Power Racing Promotion in  association with BIC who wants to introduce top level  drag racing in Bahrain. The track itself has potential of  becoming one of the best tracks in the world and ‘The  Beast’ team is looking forward to be one of the first  drag bikes in the world to give it a try. After hours of  planning and loading the bike with all accessories the  time has finally on the road. -“I’m looking forward to  meet this year’s European champion Ronny Aasen  during such perfect conditions”, says Per.

 ‘The Beast’ team wishes everyone a nice finish of the  race year in Bahrain!

 For updates and current information see; and






 After a long and intense season with a lot of hard  work the Beast-team is extremely glad and proud to  have become the European number one team and  reclaim the No 1 plate! The past season has been  unusually even and tensed with many ‘ups and  downs’.
 Some of the runs we remember especially;

 We would like to take the opportunity to thank our  competitors for a great season with extremely good  results; Ton, Ronny, Stefan and Rob to mention a  few…
 Moreover, special thanks to Lars Andersson and Peder  Eneroth at SVEMO/UEM, Stefan Bohman for all the  great reporting and pictures, Jarmo for his help with  US parts, Juden and Lörs for the cool paintwork and  finally all great supporters all over the world!

 Finally, special thanks to our sponsors:

Certex AB Sweden
Bentec Engineering
SKS Teknik AB
Stigs Autoshop
Hisservice AB
HP färg i Klippan
ÅbyBil Elektriska
Klippans Maskintjänst
Sätt & Tryck
LD Logistics Development